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Does Dog Pee Kill Plants, How to Define It and How Can I Neutralize Dog Urine on Plants

does dog pee kill plants

Many of us already know that dog urine is killing plants. Therefore, when we live in a private house, we try to wean the dog from the habit of peeing in our garden. However, does everyone know why dogs do it and what kind of damage is done to plants? Read our article and you will find out everything. Enjoy the reading!

Does Dog Pee Kill Plants?

It is foolish to deny that the effect of dog urine on plants is negative. However, is it doing so much harm? Or maybe it’s the quantity? Sometimes, you can blame your dog for brown or yellow spots on plant leaves or lawns. But it could be a herbal fungus. It is very easy to check the condition of the lawn. To determine if dog urine is killing lawn or grass fungus, simply pull up the affected grass. If the grass rises easily in this area, it is a fungus. If it remains hard, it is damaged by the dog’s urine. The reason that the effect of dog urine on plants is negative because of its chemical composition. As you might have already figured out, the common belief that dog urine causes stains or darkening is misleading. After all, urine is alkaline. In contrast, dog urine burns plants due to the high concentration of nitrogen and salts. This concept hits a small piece of a plantation or grass and causes the plant to “burn”. If you are an experienced gardener, this may remind you of the effect of over-fertilization. Brown spots appear on lawns or leaves. If nitrogen does not overflow the area, it can simply darken the greenery of plants and grasses, effectively causing the area to grow faster.

How to Save Plants from Dog Urine?

dog urine burns plants

If you do not stay idle, your plants will die. When do we know that the answer is yes to the question: “Why does dog pee kill plants”? We can do something. We have several tips for you to help reduce the rescue of your plants.

  1. Make a note of where your dog peed. If your dog has chosen exactly those places, then you can not plant anything else there. These are, of course, drastic measures. If this happens in a public place, try to take the dog to another one. Also, the sign that dog urine harms plants is damaged trees along with the bark, which is discolored or even flakes off at the base. Remember that trees less than six inches in diameter or with thin bark are at greater risk.
  2. Use strong herbs. If you have a dog, then you must be prepared that it can pee not only in the right places. Therefore, choose resistant grasses for your site.
  3. Nutritional supplements. There are special nitrogen binders that are completely safe for dogs. However, we don’t recommend them, especially without veterinarian approval.
  4. Pour water over the area where your dog peed. Doing it right away will help to neutralize dog urine on plants.
  5. Treatment of burns with urine. Google special products that break down ammonia even more efficiently than water. This will save your area and you can also take the spray with you. The people around you will thank you, it’s always more pleasant to walk in the park where there are a lot of green plants, right? If such a spray does not help, then it certainly will not bring obvious harm because of its composition.

How to Prevent Dog Urine on Plants?

When you go outside your home, regular exercise can help you avoid such situations. In addition, your dog is always in sight and it is easier to control it. At home, however, you don’t always see what your dog is doing, so we suggest the following:

  • Install a fence. This is the most obvious, though not the cheapest solution to the problem. But such an attitude will hold your dog back.
  • If you don’t like fences around gardens, a more attractive hedge of shrubs and flowering plants can be planted. You can find several herbaceous plants that can withstand the onslaught of dogs. These plants are tough and tall enough to ward off canine attempts to enter the garden. We are confident that the gardening store staff will be able to offer you several decent and budgetary options.
  • Shrubs are another hedge option and provide a more durable barrier. Laurel bushes are a good choice for a fence. However, it is better to refuse thorny bushes. These plants can injure dogs that try to enter the garden.
  • A water spray system can be an excellent dog repellent. They will quickly disaccustom themselves to enter your territory if they are periodically watered there.

This is not a situation that cannot be prevented or corrected. However, do not scold or punish your pet. This may negatively affect it in the future. By limiting the amount of space allowed, you can avoid trouble. When your dog urines plants, show that you do not approve of such behavior. Nobody canceled training, right? We are confident that you will find the most suitable solution for you. And which method do you use or which one will you try? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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