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How to Give a Dog Massage, the Most Common Techniques, and Is It Useful for a Dog

do dogs like massages

Massage is widely used for the prevention and treatment of diseases, not only in humans. Massage for dogs is also very useful and recently veterinarians are increasingly recommending that owners do this simple procedure for their pets. Even if you hire a professional, you need to be sure that everything is made right. Read our article and you will know everything that you need.

Do Dogs Like Massages?

Most dogs like to be given a gentle massage. This makes your dog feel relaxed and happy. Most likely, dogs love massage for the same reasons as humans. Massaging your dog regularly can bring many practical health benefits. Let’s find out which one.

Benefits of Canine Massage

  • Dogs are easily stressed or anxious. This could be a loud noise, a thunderstorm, or looking at a cat. For some reason, massage can ease your dog’s nervousness, relax it and feel comfortable so that it can forget about its problems.
  • If your dog is injured, a massage may be prescribed by your veterinarian. Massaging your dog can help with recovery, reduce pain and swelling, heal sprains and sprains faster, and minimize scar tissue. Of course, you should first ask your veterinarian for puppy massage techniques.
  • Massage can improve your dog’s circulation, lower blood pressure, improve lymphatic movement, strengthen the immune system, aid digestion, stimulate the kidneys and liver, and promote deeper breathing.
  • Dogs will feel rested, balanced and full of energy.

Where to Massage a Dog?

No special equipment is required to massage dogs. The place you massage depends on the type of massage. Always choose a comfortable surface and follow these tips:

  • Massage your dog in a quiet area at home to minimize distractions.
  • Choose when your dog wants to sleep, such as before bed.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes after the puppies eat their last meal. It is very important to give your dog some rest before starting.

How to Give a Dog Massage?

massage for dogs

Once you have prepared a comfortable spot, you can move on to practice the following pet massage techniques:

  • Pet the dog with your open palms and move a broad and light motion along the dog’s back from head to tail. Most likely, the animal will think that this is your usual show of care, which will prepare him for further massage. There are no strict time limits. When you are sure that the dog is calm and happy with what happened, then feel free to start the massage. This preparatory phase is very important.
  • Dog back massage. Start at the dog’s shoulders. Massage back muscles without putting direct pressure on your spine. First, draw a small circle with your fingers. Then begin to gently press down on your back with your thumb vertically. While massaging the back, gently pull on the dog’s skin, then slowly crush it between the toes.
  • Place your palm on the sacrum, press lightly, and make circular movements with your fingers. Using the thumb and fingers of one hand, rub the muscles of each paw from below. When you get to the end of your foot, run your fingers over it and gently squeeze the muscles between them, lifting and lowering each toe. Bend and twist each finger to loosen the tendons. You can also gently squeeze your fingers while performing this operation. You should remember, not all dogs like toes. Therefore, one of these dog massage techniques is not for everyone.
  • Stroke your dog’s belly. While your pet may like it, remember that it is very sensitive. As with other parts of the animal’s body, gently rub the abdomen with gentle circular motions.
  • Place your palms on either side of the head and slowly move back and forth, rubbing the animal’s cheeks. If you have a puppy, rubbing his cheek with your fingers is easier than rubbing with the palm of your entire hand. To massage the animal’s ears, start at the bottom, pinch the ears with your fingers and massage along the ears to the tip.
  • Pay attention to all parts of the body and finish the massage the same way from the beginning. Stroke the dog’s back with a wide, light brush, moving it from head to tail.

It is the easiest way to make your dog. And not only your pet but you also enjoy the process.

We are not trying to convince you that you are obliged to massage your pet. However, we hope that we were able to talk about the benefits and advise a simple technique of general massage. How do you massage a dog? Is it similar to our ways or do you have some new tips? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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