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Do Dogs Cry Tears | Read about All Possible Reasons and Is It Dangerous or Not

We have long considered dogs not just animals but members of our family. Therefore, when they are sad or sick, we also feel depressed and try to help in some way. Have you noticed how your dog shows its emotions? When a person is sad or in pain, he/she may cry, but what about the dog’s expense. Can dogs cry tears? Let’s see what the reasons for such a spiritual impulse can be, and is it really tears? Happy and interesting reading!

Can Dogs Have Tears?

It is undeniable that a dog has tear ducts, and therefore tears. However, they perform a specific function, and they cleanse the eyes of debris and drain into the nasal cavity. Therefore, if you have a question: “Can dogs cry tears like humans”? The answer is no because we have different reasons for it. Perhaps the only common thing that tears mean a call for help.

Why Do Dogs Cry Tears?

why do dogs cry tears

If you notice that your dog is crying, then you need to take a closer look at it and understand what is bothering the pet. Let’s look at the reasons for such behavior.

Do Dogs Cry Due to Allergies?

Your dog may be allergic to food, detergent, or seasonal allergies. Many allergy sufferers also have watery eyes, so your dog’s reaction is quite possible. Other allergy symptoms may include sneezing, coughing, and hives. If you notice at least one of them along with the dog’s tears, be sure to contact your veterinarian. A specialist will be able to conduct a series of tests and establish the cause. If this is really an allergy, then the veterinarian will tell you exactly what kind of and what should be done in this case. After all, feeling unwell brings discomfort to your dog.

Can Dogs Cry If Their Ducts Are Blocked?

The tear ducts are responsible for the normal functioning of the eyes and their health. When a person cries, he/she does not lick his/her tears. It’s strange, isn’t it? However, with dogs, things are different. As we mentioned above, their tears flow back into the nose or mouth. If your dog is crying like a human and tears are dripping onto the floor, then the tear ducts are blocked and you need to clear them. Such a discharge is called epiphora. You can recognize this epiphora or the reason is something else visually. The fur near the eyes becomes moist and slightly reddish. This can lead to further irritation. If you have already encountered such a problem, then you know that you can clean the ducts at home. However, if the condition does not improve, then contact your veterinarian.

Can Dogs Cry Real Tears Due to Infection?

An eye infection is a serious medical condition that can lead to unexpected and unpleasant consequences. Real tears are a sign of an eye infection. However, they are not transparent, but yellow or red and too slimy. Also, your dog’s eyes might be swollen and red.

Contact your veterinarian immediately, otherwise irreversible effects such as loss of vision or eye loss will occur.

Do Dogs Cry Tears When It Is Irritant in the Eye?

The simplest and most common reason your dog cries is debris or dust in his eyes. Carefully check both eyes and if so, clean. If there is little debris or dust, then your dog can handle it on its own. Tears will flow until all the dirt is gone. However, we recommend that you neglect this situation. Rinse the dog’s eyes with cool water. And if you have a special remedy that the veterinarian prescribed for such cases, then use it. Remember that this procedure must be carried out very carefully so as not to damage the eyes. If you notice large debris or that your eye is already damaged, contact your veterinarian immediately. Your intervention can only make it worse, so carefully bandage the dog’s eye so that nothing else gets in there.

Can Dogs Cry When a Cornea Is Scratched?

dog is crying tears

If you are the owner of an active and playful dog, then the reason may be a scratched cornea. This can be a serious problem if you don’t see your veterinarian immediately. With such damage, the dog may not always cry. Other symptoms: passive behavior, whining, refusal of favorite activities.

Do Dogs Cry When Sad?

It is not entirely correct to call sadness the reason for the dog’s tears. Since pets are used to showing such a state differently, for example, whining. If your dog is an exception to the rule, this does not mean that you should automatically exclude the reasons described above. Be sure to check the condition of the dog’s eyes before drawing any conclusions. After all, the fact that the dog is crying tears prompts the conclusion that not everything is in order.

What about you and your dog? Have you ever noticed tears in its eyes? If yes, share in the comments about the reasons and what were your steps? Do not try to establish the cause yourself, especially if this happened for the first time. By contacting your veterinarian, you will receive the necessary advice and treatment. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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