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Homemade Cone for Dog: the Most Popular Alternatives and How to Make Them

Homemade Dog Cone Alternative

Licking and biting the area where the dog has a sore or itching is considered normal behavior. However, this does not mean that it cannot worsen the situation and prolong the treatment. For example, a serious infection can develop due to the ingestion of bacteria. For such purposes, cone E is suitable, which can be purchased in many pet stores. However, the homemade dog cone alternative has become popular. This is a great option if you don’t like any of the existing models and want to save some money.

How Can DIY Cone for Dog Help?

If your dog has a wound that has not yet healed or is recovering from surgery, your veterinarian may advise wearing a cone. It would be able to protect the pet during the recovery process. This is an effective barrier that prevents the dog from licking wounds or stitches, which might lead to ulcers during healing. Many owners fear that this is dangerous, especially when the dogs are looking at them pitifully and trying to remove the obstacle from the neck. However, veterinarians agree that a cone would not harm a pet in any way if you use it correctly.

Dog Cone Alternative DIY

If you are wondering how to make a dog cone, continue to read our article and find out some useful tips. You can use a lot of unexpected materials and different forms for future cones. However, let us propose to you some interesting ideas below.


Dog Cone Alternative DIY towel

If you are worried that the dog would not be comfortable wearing the cone, then you can choose a non-rigid material like a towel. You would also need tape and possibly treats for your dog to distract it while you put on this simple device. We are sure that you would find everything you need in your house. However, ask someone to distract the dog while you are fixing the towel collar.


Dog Cone Alternative DIY bucket

You can use a regular bucket to make a collar for your dog.It should fit your dog’s size for both protection and comfort. Of the materials, you would also need thread and tape. The most difficult task is to properly cut a hole in the bottom of the bucket and to do that it is important to work carefully and patiently. Baster with a marker and use sharp scissors to slowly make the hole. Tie the place that would be in contact with the pet’s neck and secure it with tape. Such a dog cone replacement would save you unnecessary costs.

Egg Crate

This collar uses a soft foam egg crate. You need to prepare in advance a tape measure, sharp scissors, felt, a needle, and thread. And from the materials – Velcro strips and soft material of the egg box. This collar would be very easy to put on and take off. So follow the simple steps above:

  • Measure how long you need the material and cut it off;
  • Cut the felt to the same length and cover the box with it;
  • Use Velcro and sew several strips together.

Your Egg Crate collar is ready, and your dog is safe now.


Dog Cone Alternative DIY cardboard

DIY cardboard dog cone is one of the best and easiest options to make. You would need a marker, tape measure and sharp scissors, a large thick piece of cardboard, laces, and duct tape. Some materials can be replaced. For example, duct tape with vinyl strips, and laces with zippers. Perhaps you would end up with not the most elegant and beautiful cone. However, it would 100% achieve with the main goal – preventing your dog from licking wounds or stitches after surgery. In addition, you can take a colored piece of cardboard. Then the cardboard cone would look brighter and more unusual.


Plastic is a cool material for making dog cones. All you need to do is submerge the plastic flower pot in warm soapy water. Then rub it thoroughly to remove any dirt or chemicals that could cause an allergic reaction to your pet’s skin. Dig a hole in the bottom of the flowerpot the size of your dog’s head, and then squeeze the pot out from your dog’s head to neck. Finally, cut a smaller hole around the larger one and tie the string around the pot.

Pool Noodle

Dog Cone Alternative DIY pool noodle

If you want to use pool noodles to make your own dog cone, you would need scissors, roulette, poodle noodles, and rope. It is a very smart solution. It takes you not more than 10 minutes to make such a cool cone. Some owners find it helpful to cut the pool noodles into small pieces, while others use longer ones.

We hope that our article helps you find the answer: “What to use instead of a cone for dogs”? However, we have some more useful tips for you:

  • Usually, dogs don’t like to wear a cone. Therefore, you must be persistent in this matter. Remember that this is for the benefit of your four-legged friend.
  • Sometimes the cone can interfere with the dog’s movement around the house. For example, difficulties can arise with doorways. Therefore, accompany the pet during the first days.
  • If you notice that the dog cannot eat normally with the cone, remove it during meals.
  • Check your pet’s neck every two days for taper abrasions.

Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon!

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