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Can You Wash Dog Toys: Best Ways to Clean Chew, Rope, and Plush Toys

Wash Dog Toys

Of course, your dog has a few favorite toys that it loves to play with. Over time, toys become unusable and have to be thrown away. However, sometimes the owners throw away normal, but dirty toys. On the one hand, it may seem that this is the right decision because many dangerous bacteria accumulate on them. On the other hand, they can be cleaned and would be like new. Cleaning dog toys is not a complicated process that does not take much of your time. If you are not sure that it is possible, just google “can you wash dog toys”, and thousands of answers would be “yes”.

Cleaning Dog Toys: Is It Important?

Dogs who chew on dirty toys may develop pimples and other irritating rashes. Don’t feel like this is just a cosmetic issue. These rashes are itchy, and the dog can tear them into small wounds. How often to wash dog toys to avoid this? Many people advise doing this at least once a month. But this recommendation should not be taken literally, focus on the actual state of the toy. It happens that a toy needs to be washed and cleaned after a week of intensive use.

How to Clean Dog Toys?

How to Clean Dog Toys?

To properly clean a toy, you need to pay attention to what material it is made of. For high-quality cleaning, use detergents whose manufacturers have indicated their safety in relation to pets. Some claim white vinegar is an effective and safe method to make dog’s toys clean.

Cleaning Dog Chew Toys

Chew toys are the most favorite for dogs, so over time, small holes from your pet’s teeth can form there. Therefore, before you start cleaning toys, glue holes. If you leave them open, a cleaning agent may enter, and it can be dangerous for a pet during the game.Also, assess the condition of the item because chewing toys wear out quickly, and it may be time to throw them away. You can wash them like ordinary dishes, apply detergent and rinse the toys well under running water.

Cleaning Dog Rope Toys

Rope toys get dirty pretty quickly and form a breeding ground for various bacteria and even mold. Many experts advise disinfecting dog toys in the microwave, but only if no plastic parts are present. Before that, they must be well soaked in water. However, as you might have guessed, this method would only kill bacteria, but not clean the toy. Therefore, you can also wash it in the washing machine and even use a dryer.

Washing Plush Dog Toys

Your dog’s plush toy can be put in a pillowcase and machine washed. Surely you are wondering: “Why do you need a pillowcase”? The toy can be damaged by the rotating movements of the washing machine, and the pillowcase would protect it. This type of toy loves to collect dust, so they need to be cleaned more often, especially if your dog loves such toys. If the toy has a torn filler, it is better to throw it away.

Cleaning Stuffed Dog Toys without Washing Machine

Cleaning itself takes a minimum of time, but it would take a long time to dry the toy. Take a bowl of water and pour in some baby shampoo. Then put the foam on a sponge and scrub the toy. After cleaning it from dirt, wipe your stuffed toy with a slightly damp cloth and blot with a dry terry towel. You can also dry it by placing it on any towel. If the toy has no glued parts and is small, you can wring it out and dry it. Such toys can be lathered with baby soap and soaked in a basin for 10 minutes.

How to Safely Wash Dog Toys: Useful Tips

How to Safely Wash Dog Toys

Soaps and commercial cleaners can clean many types of toys very well, but they also have harmful chemicals in their composition. Considering that these are what get into your pet’s mouth, you should avoid using them. We mentioned above that vinegar is a great option for cleaning. It is safe if your pet swallows it a little and does not damage the material of the toy. Rubber and silicone toys can be soaked in a solution of vinegar and warm water for about 15 minutes, and then simply wiped off. For washing dog toys in the washing machine, vinegar can also be used. You can add 1/4 cup of it instead of powder. Remember to get rid of the vinegar smell, you need to rinse the toy well after washing.

So, let’s summarize our useful tips for cleaning:

  • Wash should be frequent. Dogs can throw toys in the toilet, in their own excrement outdoors for various bacteria. After these incidents, they must be cleaned from time to time. Also, weekly or monthly cleaning would depend on how many toys are used and how dirty they get over this period.
  • Most toys can be easily cleaned by submerging them in the sink. So pour one side of hot water, add some detergent, let the plush, plastic, and other toys soak a little, and then scrub with a toothbrush, sponge, or rag. Repeat as needed. Rinse and puncture stuffed toys thoroughly to remove all traces of soap. Air drying overnight should make your toy look new.
  • If you want to sanitize pet toys, do not use bleach or other chemical cleaners because they can be harmful if your pet swallows them.
  • One of the easiest ways to clean pet toys is to throw them in the washing machine. Keep in mind that toys with metal parts cannot be put in the washing machine, toys with long threads, small or fragile parts can come off during spinning, so they should probably be washed by hand. You can also use eco-friendly cleaners instead of products containing fragrances and dyes, or use no soap at all and just use hot water.

Caring for your pet’s toys is caring for your dog!

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