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Apr. 28.2021 | Updated: September 17, 2021

Male and Female Chow Chow Dog Names: Which Is the Most Suitable for Your Pet

chow chow dog names

If you decide to get a dog, then it is worth thinking about what name you will call. Recently, it has become popular to choose a name that is popular in the country of origin of the breed. Choosing a name has always been a creative process, so here your imagination can manifest itself. However, remember that the name should be liked not only by you but also by your dog. After all, it is precisely for it to respond to. This month we have already discussed with you the popular Border Collie names. And today let’s talk about good dog names for Chow Chows.

Why Is Choosing a Name Important?

You probably know the meaning of your name. It is up to you if you do not believe that a person’s name, like a dog’s, carries information about a character. However, it would be great if meaning and character reflected each other, wouldn’t it? Well-chosen Chow puppy names reflect their personality. The choice of names for our smaller brothers is almost limitless. In this case, the influence is exerted by the subconscious perception of the word, the association associated with its sound, or the specific meaning and meaning of the name as a word. For example, you can call a dog an exotic plant or an alcoholic drink, give it the name of a literary or movie hero, or even invent a new word, especially for your pet. As we said earlier, it all depends on imagination when choosing Chow Chow puppy names.

Chow Chow Dog Names: males and females

chow puppy names

Chow Chow is a large breed of dog. However, despite their size, they are very affectionate and playful pets. Particular attention should be paid to socialization, and the name also plays a role in this process. By the way, Chow Chow is on the list of dumbest dog breeds, you can read more here. However, this is rather a manifestation of the naivety and kindness of this breed. Regular training, care, and love are your faithful helpers. Now let’s help you decide on the name of your new friend.

Cute Male Chow Chow Names

The most common names that would be great for a dog of this breed:

  • Watson;
  • Ziggy;
  • Octane;
  • Moki;
  • Toby;
  • Groot;
  • Jax;
  • Cain;
  • Percy;
  • Archie.

This dog breed has Chinese origins. Therefore, owners around the world often choose the Chinese name. Among the best Chow Chow male names are:

  • Lian;
  • Bing;
  • Ping;
  • Gang;
  • Boba;
  • Zhang;
  • Shu;
  • Wenyan;
  • Gang;
  • Tofu.

Chow Chow Girl Names

Let us just give you a little list of cute names for a female dog:

  • Hana;
  • Maura;
  • Aurora;
  • Eva;
  • Brie;
  • Amy;
  • Elma;
  • Diva;
  • Lana;
  • Kala.

Usually, Chinese names are universal, so the ones mentioned above will also work for the opposite sex. However, we decided to expand this list. Perhaps you will like one of them:

  • Jin;
  • Hui;
  • You;
  • Qui;
  • Ju;
  • Ming
  • Joon;
  • Song;
  • Jia;
  • Desi.

How to Choose Chow Chow Names: Male and Female

chow chow names male

To choose the most appropriate name for your male or female dog, we recommend following these simple tips:

  • The name should be short and contain a maximum of two syllables.
  • Choose a simple name that is easy to pronounce and your dog will respond to it.
  • Do not name your pet after a family member. The dog can get confused and not respond to the nickname.

If none of the names on the list fit you, then don’t despair. Let’s take a different approach to choose a name. Ask yourself a few suggestive questions about when Chow Chow dog appears in your home. What was the weather like? Perhaps it was raining or the sun was shining. So why not call your pet Rain, Light or Sunny? When did you make a new friend? For example, April 16th. Google which famous person was born on that day. Hmm, Charlie Chaplin? Charlie isn’t a bad name for a dog, is it?

There are a lot of good Chow Chow names. You just need to choose more suitable for your dog. Indeed, it is not an easy task but we believe in you. Thank you for reading this article to the end. Soon we will post a new one, don’t miss it. See you on the pages of our blog!

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