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Dec. 13.2021 | Updated: December 13, 2021

We Picked Up Best Chinese Dog Names and Meanings for Your Male or Female Pet

chinese dog names

Chinese names are quite common not only in China but also in any other part of the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that Chinese dog names have become more popular over the past few years. However, many have difficulty choosing a name due to ignorance of its meaning. It is also a common mistake to choose a name that is difficult to pronounce. Regardless of the topic, the rules for choosing a name always remain the same:

  • The good dog names in Chinese must contain one or two syllables and strong consonants;
  • Avoid names that sound like commands;
  • Always use the dog’s name in a positive context;
  • The name must be liked by absolutely all family members so that everyone calls the dog the same.

Chinese Dog Names and Meanings

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The Chinese language is one of the most widely spoken in the world, and if earlier millions of people chose English to study, now the Chinese culture and language are competing for this primacy. You can choose absolutely any name, the main thing is that your dog responds to it when it is called. Most often, it is the Chinese dog breeds, for example, Chow-Chow, who are given a Chinese dog’s name. But if your breed is of Australian or German descent, that does not mean that the Chinese name would not suit them. You can choose a more unique one, or a food name, etc. Below we have provided interesting topics and variants of names and we hope that some would come to your taste.

Ancient Chinese Dog Names: Males and Females

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Honestly, there are not many ancient names left, because almost all of them are used in our time. In China, initially, there was a slightly different approach to choosing a name; they often choose something symbolic, directly related to the birth or appearance of a pet in the house. Therefore, below are the most popular names that would definitely suit your pet. And you can boast not only of the dog’s success in training but also a cool name.

Chinese male dog names:

  • Chung (wise one);
  • Ji (lucky);
  • Ling (compassionate);
  • Liko (protected by Buddha);
  • Chen Gong (success);
  • Yingzie (heroic);
  • Da (accomplishing);
  • Ho (good);
  • Dingxiang (fortune); ​
  • Minsheng (voice of the people);
  • Bowen (abundant);
  • Mu (admired);
  • Ru (learner);
  • Aiguo (patriotic);
  • Ah (little one);
  • Chao (tide).

Chinese dog names female:

  • Jian (charming);
  • Huan (happiness);
  • Hui (splendor);
  • Ju (daisy);
  • Tangtang (sweetie);
  • Ah lam (peace);
  • Zheng (classy);
  • Meyli (beautiful);
  • Chu (pearl);
  • On (peace);
  • Chang Pu (flourishing vine);
  • Nuo (kind);
  • Meiling (beautiful spirit);
  • Xià (summer);
  • Kun (earth);
  • Chen (dawn).

Chinese Food Dog Names

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Do you love Chinese food? If so, you can name your pet after your favorite food. Perhaps you just like the way a word sounds, but it means some kind of food, then feel free to call your pet that. This is quite popular, in addition, many call their pets even after their favorite drinks. The main thing is to remember those simple rules for choosing a name that we described at the very beginning and you would not have any problems in the future. Your pet would easily respond to such an interesting and tasty name. Take a good look at our interesting list of food names.

Chinese boy dog names:

  • Youtiao;
  • Dim sum;
  • Bāozi;
  • Wonton;
  • Song Gao;
  • Popiah;
  • Crullers;
  • Aiwowo;
  • Nian Gao;
  • Lamian;

Chinese girl dog names:

  • Yusheng;
  • Congee;
  • Hasma;
  • Yanpi;
  • Shuizhu;
  • Chow Mein;
  • Sachima;
  • Mǐfàn;
  • Mahua;
  • Baozi.

Chinese Themed Dog Names

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Themed names are a pretty wide area of ​​all sorts of interesting options because you can choose any topic. For example, the brand of your favorite tea, your favorite clothing brand or jewelry house, the day of the week that you consider happy, be inspired by comics or famous actors, even come up with your tradition – to name all animals by a certain letter of the alphabet, etc. It all depends on your imagination. Of course, we will provide you with a rough list of possible cool ideas and hope that it would help you come up with your cool name. And if your idea and ours coincided, then be sure to let us know about this in the comments.

  • Bao (jewel or something very precious);
  • Boba (a sweet Taiwanese tea);
  • Chun (spring);
  • Fú (lotus);
  • Hai (sea);
  • Hé (river);
  • Húa (blossom);
  • Jiaozi (dumpling);
  • Li Ming (beautiful light);
  • Lín (gem);
  • Líng (a soul or a bell);
  • Mei Mei (a little sister);
  • Xià (summer season);
  • Xiáng (good luck).

Unique Chinese Dog Names

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It so happened that some names are more popular, and some are unique. And if you are an amateur, stand out from the crowd, then choose the last name. Isn’t it great if your dog is the only one with that name in your city or dog park where you often walk? And if your pet participates in competitions, then a unique and beautiful name would sound beautiful when it is awarded for sporting achievements, right?

  • Cai (colorful);
  • Chang (sunlight);
  • Dai (dark);
  • Huang (yellow);
  • Jíñ (golden yellow);
  • Líáng (bright);
  • Manchu (pure);
  • Quing (dark blue);
  • Shun (smooth);
  • Tao peach);
  • Xúe (hail);
  • Yang (sun).

Popular Chinese Dog Names

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If you like to be in line with trends, then choose a name that has been on everyone’s lips lately. Also, such a choice would remind you of something previously popular and what you liked. Every person who has a pet does a good deed not only for himself but also for his four-legged friend. We all deserve to be loved and cared for and with a popular name you can highlight the importance of your pet to you. The list of popular names may change every year, but which ones are still popular in 2021 and would not lose their relevance at the beginning of 2022.

  • Ai (loving);
  • Bao (jewel or precious);
  • Chen (great);
  • Chong (powerful);
  • Hui (kind);
  • Huan (happiness);
  • Kuai (clever);
  • Ming-Hua (brilliant);
  • Sying (star);
  • Zhen Zhen (precious).

Cute Chinese Dog Names

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What could be less than highlighting your dog’s most memorable personality trait and calling it that? And to make it sound more interesting, translate it into Chinese. This idea is not new, but as a practice has shown, a very working scheme for choosing a name. You can also call a dog a personality trait that you want to raise in it. If your puppy is still small and it is difficult for you to determine which trait is the main one, then you can study the information about the breed and draw your conclusions of what traits may be dominant.

  • Gan (bold and brave);
  • Chong (powerful);
  • Hui (kind);
  • Ai (loving);
  • Xue (studious);
  • Ken-Zhi (earnest);
  • Gang (strong);
  • Shu-hui (intelligent);
  • Shu (gentle);
  • Su (respectful);
  • Susu (quiet)
  • Xun (fast);
  • Liang (bribrilliat);
  • Ai (friendly);
  • Jìngyi (joyful);
  • Ning (peaceful).

Chinese Names for Dog: Characters

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There are many famous characters and actors in China, whose names are often used to name brands, pets, etc. Therefore, you can choose after whom to name your dog, or maybe you just like one of the following names:

  • Mushu;
  • Confucius;
  • Bruce Lee;
  • Yao Ming;
  • Yang Jiang;
  • Dizang;
  • Xihe;
  • Sun Wukong;
  • Gong Li;
  • Pangu;
  • Hua Mulan;
  • Fushi;
  • Li Na;
  • Yu Yan;
  • Fei Hong;

Selecting a name for your pet is always a responsible task. If a person can change the first name and even the last one by the law to achieve a certain age, then the pet can’t do this. It is not even in the bureaucratic nuances, the case is that the dog would become accustomed to the name and it would be difficult for it to get used to the new one if a significant period has passed. What other names can be added to the best Chinese dog names? Share in the comments!

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