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Can You Litter Train a Dog

Can You Litter Train a Dog

Walking with a dog can be quite a tedious obligation. Perhaps you would love to spend an extra half hour in bed, but you need to take your pet outside. There is a solution!

A litter box training a puppy can teach him that he does not need to run outside or spoil the floors in the house for elimination. You may think it is more suitable for cats, but even large breeds of dogs feel quite comfortable if they get used to it.

Moreover, we do not offer to train dogs to use litter boxes as the primary and only way. It is only a saving option when nothing is better. Long and energetic walks stimulate digestive activity and enrich communication with the animal. However, the dog will not feel any encroachment if you do it right.

Read our guide on ‘How to litter train a dog’ to pass all the stages smoothly and not to forget the important little things.

Can Dogs Use Litter Boxes?

litter training a dog
  • Before you start training, you should prepare everything you need. The first is, of course, the litter box. You can easily find it in any pet store. The only thing you need to pay extra attention to is the size. A box that is too big can scare your pet away because it will be too uncomfortable to climb into. On the other hand, too small a box can flip over or miss the flying litter because the walls are too low. So it is necessary to consider your pet’s size.
  • Before you leave the store, also buy a scoop and litter. You will need the scoop every time your pet uses the box. Dogs litter is not too different from cats one, but it is better to avoid too small pellets. As dogs like to dig, they can scatter fine sand all over the apartment.
  • You also need to prepare a cozy place, which will be easily accessible for the dog, but away from unnecessary eyes. The pet needs personal space, as additional stress can harm its health.
  • Last but not least thing in litter training a dog is the individuality of the toilet. If you have several pets, then each should be provided with its box, so that their wars for the smell did not go over to your furniture and walls.

How to Litterbox Train a Dog?

teach dog to use litter box
  • First, you have to show the dog that the new object in the house is a place where it is fun and safe, but it is not a place for games and digging. Just bring the puppy into the box and call the command with a loud, confident voice. It can be any word or short phrase that you like.
  • Once your pet has gotten used to the new object in the house, you need to create an association with elimination. When you notice that your dog is worried and wants to go outside, in other words, showing that he is ready for the restroom — use the new command.
  • Avoid common mistakes during the training of a dog to use a litter box: don’t scare him, don’t shout, and be consistent. The worst thing you can do is scream if your pet uses the box incorrectly. In this way, you will create an unpleasant association and complicate the adaptation process.
  • The last but not least step when you teach a dog to use a litter box is praise. As you know, the behavior you like should be accompanied by a treat or at least praise. This way your dog will understand what is good and bad.
  • There is an extra trick for those dogs who are halfway to the litter box. If your pet has pissed past the box or has been eliminated nearby, you can use this smell. Carry it to the filling with a scoop or piece of paper, so the dog will know there is room for feces. Maybe, it was just afraid to get such beautiful sand dirty!

You can easily teach a dog to use a litter box at home to ease his schedule and save the interior from the stench. Both sides will benefit if you do it right. Arrange the box and teach the pet to use it, but do not forget to walk at least once a day. Physical activity and games are necessary for the animal to be healthy.

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