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Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

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If you are the lucky owner of both animals, then you probably noticed how the pet can not share the food. Most often, it is the dog that takes the food from the cat. But can dogs eat cat food or cat food is bad for dogs?

First, cats and dogs are quite different animals. Even though they are very similar, the dog does not eat like a cat at all. Dogs are omnivorous and can eat vegetable food as well as meat; moreover, carbohydrates are a significant part of their energy reserve. At the same time, the cat’s diet is almost entirely composed of fats and proteins, which corresponds to their natural needs. Also, cat food has high acidity, vitamin E, and fiber content. All this can be very dangerous for the dog.

Too much protein disrupts the liver, kidneys, and heart system. Excess vitamin E will interfere with the immune system, and fiber will impair the function of the intestinal tract. These are, of course, the worst consequences of your dog eating cat food, but how can this be avoided?

How to keep a dog from eating cat food?

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Let’s find out why a dog eats cat food. It is most likely attracted to a lot of protein. In this case, we should exclude the second reason – malnutrition. If your dog finds the missing calories and substances in someone else’s bowl, then you should review his diet.

Another reason may be banal dominance. Dogs, especially large breeds, always strive to take the highest possible place in the family hierarchy. Make sure that your little cat is not a victim of this behavior, because it is dangerous for the health of both pets. The pet stores even offer cat food protection equipment. It can be an effective solution if dog and cat food is in the same area. So what happens if your dog eats cat food?

If your dog is a large breed and has done it once, then nothing. Usually, the body of large animals can assimilate unusual nutrition without noticeable consequences. Smaller breeds are more vulnerable to an incorrect diet, as the volume of substances obtained relative to body weight is much greater. So you should pay close attention to what your pets take in their mouths and do not allow your dog to eat like a cat regularly.

Cat food can be absorbed without problems, but chocolate can be a real challenge for small dogs – read why dogs can’t eat chocolate here.

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