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Can a dog manipulate us?

dog manipulates

History says that dogs are the best friends of man. However, this doesn’t prevent them from manipulating us skillfully!

Dogs are great at influencing visual reactions, feeling our weaknesses, and mimicking our behavior. Your dog can be perfectly obedient to you and behave completely improperly with other family members.

Choosing the moment when the owner isn’t around, picking the “weak” one from the crowd and putting its head on the knee at dinner, and looking at him as pathetic as possible is the most common technique. The treat is bound to arrive! And then say that your “trained” dog never asks for food!

Harvard’s scientists and scientists at the Vienna University of Psychology are convinced that dogs deliberately copy human mimics and gestures.

So don’t be sure it’s you who’s in charge of the situation, even if your four-legged friend is performing commands from half a word!


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