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May. 12.2021 | Updated: September 17, 2021

Popular Poodle Names: Choose the Best for Your New Pet by Different Criteria

boy poodle names

Do you think you would like that your name is “girl” or “boy”? And if names did not exist at all, then how to understand who exactly is called? As for humans, the name is important, so for the dogs. We have already provided advice on how to choose the best name for your pet. You can get acquainted with them here, here, or here. Today we are going to talk about good poodle names. We will provide you with ready-made lists, as well as some interesting ideas. Enjoy the reading!

Standard Poodle Dog Names

The poodle is a versatile breed. Such a dog is intelligent, friendly, loyal, and certainly deserving of respect. So, if you are here, then your poodle needs a name. Or you are just curious. Remember that you will use the name of your pet hundreds and thousands of times every day and week. Therefore, try to choose a name that will completely satisfy you and your family. The subsequent name change can confuse the puppy and will be confusing for a long time. Also, remember that your poodle’s name shouldn’t look like a command.

Among the standard names for a boy, you can find interesting options that will fully meet all the requirements of simple names. Check them out:

  • Boomer;
  • Brutus;
  • Giant;
  • Groot;
  • Daryl;
  • Max;
  • Jack;
  • Chewy;
  • Koda;
  • Jester;
  • Mitch;
  • Simon.

Girl poodle names are not an exception. Check the list:

  • Missy;
  • Milda;
  • Cher;
  • Darcy;
  • Mia;
  • Lola;
  • Lady;
  • Pearl;
  • Izzy;
  • Kona;
  • Nala;
  • Zoey.

Toy Poodle Names

black poodle names

Almost every child gives a name to their toys. And when we grow up, sometimes we keep these names in our memory and even call our pets that way. As it turned out, the owners of poodles are also not against this trend. What names can there be? Most likely, this is something funny, cute, or in honor of a character from a favorite fairy tale. Let’s take a look at a list of boy poodle names:

  • Shorty;
  • Squirt;
  • Munchkin;
  • Button;
  • Morsel;
  • Nibbler!
  • Bean;
  • Nugget;
  • Shrimpy;
  • Half Pint;
  • Pebbles;
  • Scrappy;
  • Runt.

And here toy poodle names female:

  • Tiny;
  • Little;
  • Peanut;
  • Baby;
  • Peewee;
  • Bitty;
  • Minnie;
  • Teensy;
  • Smalley;
  • Puny;
  • Jellybean.

Poodle Puppies Names Due to Colors

standard poodle dog names

The poodle is an extremely diverse breed, not only in size but also in coat color. There are five colors officially recognized by the FCI. However, there are many more unrecognized colors. Today we want to offer you variations of names for the three common colors.

Black Poodle Names

The owners of these representatives of the poodle breed have noticed that the black coat is of the highest quality when compared with other colors. According to the standard, the pet should have a bright saturated black color, differing in depth and intensity, without admixtures of other shades and tints of different colors. Also, light white or silver hairs should not slip. If your dog has this color, check out the possible names for a boy:

  • Ash;
  • Noir;
  • Coal;
  • Olive;
  • Jet;
  • Black;
  • Jai;
  • Knight;
  • Bandit;
  • Coffee;
  • Midnight.

Black names for a girl:

  • Cinder;
  • Pepper;
  • Ember;
  • Raven;
  • Shady;
  • Dusty;
  • Shadow;
  • Elvira.

White Poodle Names

Such pets are also quite common. At birth in puppies, you can see yellowish spots on the chest, ears, bottom of the legs. But in the process of growing up, the coat turns white. In an adult, the eyes become brown, and the eyelids, nose, and claws become black. At birth, there may also be deviations from the standard in the form of a pink nose and paw pads but they darken over time. There are cases when white puppies are born in colored pets but in the future, they cannot give white offspring. So experts consider them not complete. And here are the top poodle names for a boy:

  • Frosty;
  • Dove;
  • Sugar;
  • Opal;
  • Winter;
  • Ice;
  • Domino;
  • Ghost;
  • January.

If you have a girl dog, look at these names:

  • Showy;
  • Angel;
  • Pearl;
  • Jasmine;
  • Gardenia;
  • Lilly;
  • Bianko.

Red Poodle Names

Such pets are distinguished by wool of bright and rich mahogany color. Their skin is the same as a fur coat. But the rest of the body, such as claws, lip folds, nose, and eyes, are chocolate-colored. Over time, the brightness of the colors is lost and the color becomes lighter. Recently, this particular color has been the most popular. If you’ve never seen a poodle of this color, then it’s time to google it. You may want just such a pet. And now the most popular poodle names for boys:

  • Autumn;
  • Copper;
  • Fox;
  • Merlot;
  • Red;
  • Redford;
  • Shiraz;
  • Rojo.

Popular names for girls:

  • Foxy;
  • Merida;
  • Rose;
  • Ruby;
  • Sangria;
  • Scarlett;
  • Sienna.

French Poodle Names

girl poodle names

It was once a hunting dog trained to bring the game out of the water. The ancestors of the modern poodle were considered tireless hunters with a rude appearance and rebellious character. However, modern breeders, seeking to develop a decorative dog on its basis, have created one of the most beloved breeds in the world. Many countries tried to declare themselves their homeland. France won the dispute. By the way, the poodle was the favorite dog of the French queen Marie Antoinette. Historians say it was she who invented the “lion” haircut, very similar to the lush and elaborate hairstyles and clothes of the ladies of the court of that time. Look at names for a boy:

  • Charlie;
  • Max;
  • Teddy;
  • Oliver;
  • Buddy;
  • Louie;
  • Toby;
  • Bear;
  • Leo;
  • Harley;
  • Gus;
  • Remi;
  • Henry;
  • Gizmo;
  • Chase.

And here some female names:

  • Hazel;
  • Belle;
  • Annie;
  • Izzy;
  • Callie;
  • Emma;
  • Princess;
  • Lexi;
  • Mia;
  • Penny;
  • Chloe;
  • Sophie;
  • Zoe.

Choose the most suitable poodle dog name from lists or create something cute. We hope that we can help you. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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