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8 of the Largest Dog Breeds in the World: A Short Description of Each Breed

biggest dog breed

People have different preferences. Therefore, it is quite normal that someone likes small breeds of dogs, and on the contrary, someone wants to have super big dogs. No reason is needed for that decision, only your desire. However, resources such as money and time should be taken into account. The purpose of breeding such dogs was to help in hunting or perform a guard function. Even now, many owners of private houses prefer to have such a guard. As you can imagine, large dogs could and can work all day. Therefore, they need to regularly expend a large amount of energy. Otherwise, your favorite things may suffer. And the cash costs will increase as your dog grows. By the way, you can calculate how much your dog needs to eat every day. Just click the calculator icon on any of our blog pages.

What Is the Largest Breed of Dogs in the World?

If you live in a private house, then there should be no problems with space for the dog. Especially if you built an aviary on your site and the dog can run at any time. However, if you live in an apartment, then you should think carefully about it. You will need to set aside enough space, but also your walks should be frequent and long. We want to tell you about the top 8 largest dog breeds by size.


largest dog breeds in the world

This breed ranks second among other large breeds. Their height reaches a maximum of 27-35 inches and weighs about 190-232 pounds. Previously, Mastiffs participated in gladiatorial battles, often emerging victorious from them. But, despite their fighting appearance, these dogs are very kind. This the heaviest dog breed is popular in families who care about their own protection and especially the protection of children. Peacefulness and love for loved ones are some of the best qualities of such a dog. You can read the full breed profile here.

Saint Bernard

heaviest dog breed

Height is about 28-30 inches and weighs is 140-180 pounds. Such sizes are a sign of one of the largest dog breeds in the world. These huge furry creatures are considered the finest rescue dogs. Saint Bernards are very hardy, they love to be busy, and also delight the eye of all dog lovers with their pleasant spotted colors. They treat children with tremendous warmth but friendly relations with cats do not always develop. Read more about this breed here.


tall dog breeds

This breed was named after the city in which it was first bred. It is the largest dog breed because adult pets are 25-32 inches tall and weigh 90-170 pounds. These dogs are quite easy to train, so with proper education, they can be well trained and raised to be excellent watchdogs. And behind the harsh appearance, there is a very docile disposition and friendliness, which makes Leonberger an ideal pet and friend of the whole family.

Great Dane

what is the heaviest dog breed

If you are interested in tall dog breeds, Great Dane will be on the top of the list. The maximum height of it can reach 45 inches, and an adult animal weighs from 110-175 pounds. These dogs are not aggressive at all and treat children very well. They become devoted friends for each of the family members, reliably protect the house, and practically do not bark. By the way, despite their impressive size, Great Danes are rightfully considered the quietest dogs.

Doberman Pinscher

super big dogs

An average height is 24-28 inches and weight is near 60-100 pounds. These dogs are highly intelligent. Therefore, they can objectively assess the situation and adopt the correct model of behavior. They are moderately aggressive towards outsiders. Dogs are very obedient. The Dobermans are not a fighting dog, so unmotivated anger is not peculiar to them.

Anatolian Shepherd

largest dog breeds by size

This massive dog breed weighs 80-150 pounds and is 27-29 inches tall. These large, strong, confident dogs are excellent defenders. They are energetic, loyal, and attentive to their family, and treat children well. This breed needs sufficient training and physical activity. They bond closely to their masters and can be suspicious of strangers.

Cane Corso

largest canine breed

What is the heaviest dog breed? Cane Corso can be one of the answers. Its weight is proportionate to height (23.5-30 inches). These are the descendants of gladiator dogs, they breathe with natural strength and greatness. They look harsh, they can even inspire fear but in fact, they become true friends for their masters and remain with them throughout their lives. They get along well with children, becoming a reliable nanny for them.


massive dog breed

The average weight is 80-135 pounds. They are about 22-27 inches tall. Therefore, the title of the largest canine breed is deserved. Rottweilers were bred to guard and defend. Socialized Rottweilers get along well with humans and other dogs, but males are a little aggressive and tend to dominate. These dogs are active, intelligent, and completely confident in themselves to act independently. Therefore, they need to be guided even from puppyhood.

What is the biggest dog breed you like and why? Share your opinion in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. Don’t miss new updates on our blog. Also, read our article about Vladimir Putin’s dogs. See you soon!

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