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What Is a Barbet Dog: Origin, Temperament, Health Issues & Useful Info to Know

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What Is a Barbet Dog

The Barbet dog breed is most easily recognized by the curly coat and beard on its face. Modern representatives of the breed have retained athleticism, intelligence, and a calm disposition, so they can easily become the best friend for your whole family. An interesting history, main characteristics, and features, as well as other facts, you will find out below!

Barbet Dog: Info

  • Origin: France;
  • Height: 19-25 inches;
  • Weight: 35-65 pounds;
  • Coat: dense and curly in fawn, black, brown, and gray;
  • Temperament: friendly, intelligent, and playful;
  • Breed for: hunt birds and waterfowl;
  • Lifespan: 12-14 years.

What Is a Barbet Dog and Its Origin?

Barbet dog personality

Barbet first appeared in France for hunting birds and waterfowl. It has a fairly diverse history across Europe. The first written description of the breed appeared in 1387, but it is believed that it originated in the 8th century. In the Middle Ages, almost every bird hunter had such an assistant, but now it is a rare breed. According to statistics, in the United States there are only 30 to 40 representatives of them, and in the world – about 600. Despite the small number, these dogs often become one of the best at French dog competitions. The dog is not currently recognized by the AKC, but steps are being taken to achieve standardization.

Barbet: Characteristics

The Barbet has a beautiful long and curly coat, which is its distinctive feature. Among the most common are red- and pale fawn, black, brown with white markings. Solid white and gray colors are rare, but all mixed colors except white are considered a disadvantage of the breed. Are Barbets hypoallergenic? Yes, it is, and you shouldn’t worry about this. However, before deciding to buy/adopt such a dog, find out other characteristics.

Barbet: Temperament

It is the best choice of dog for any family – with children, elderly people, other pets, etc. This is an active, friendly, obedient, and loyal dog that would win your heart right away. You would not be afraid to leave it with your children because it would be able to play with them and protect if necessary. Even to passers-by on the street, this breed would not show any aggression, the only exception can be in the case of protecting you or another family member. However, do not think that these qualities in Barbet dog personality do not need to be educated, because no matter how kind a dog is, without the necessary socialization it can be dangerous for you and society as a whole. Another plus is that the Barbet would not bark unnecessarily, so if you give the command to “guard” at night, it would not wake you up unnecessarily. You shouldn’t have any difficulties with training, especially under the supervision of an experienced dog handler. You can experiment and figure out which method works best for your dog, perhaps clicker training would give more results.

Barbet Dog: Size

The difference between males and females is negligible and can vary by a few pounds or inches. The average Barbet dog’s weight is around 35-65 pounds and is 19 to 25 inches tall.

Barbet: Health and Care

Barbet dog size

Barbet is a healthy dog, but there is no guarantee that some diseases would not occur.

  • It can be vulnerable to separation anxiety. Signs of this situation can include excessive drooling and destructive behavior.
  • Elbow dysplasia affects the hip and elbow joints and can cause severe pain and weakness. So it is important to get the support of your breeder. Although most cases of dysplasia are hereditary, injury and excessive weight gain can also lead to development.
  • Epilepsy is characterized by frequent seizures, a condition that affects the current in the dog’s brain. In this case, you need to be in contact with your veterinarian all the time.

However, even if the above diseases were detected in your pet, and you started treatment in a timely manner, then the Barbet dog’s lifespan is still 12-14 years.


Do Barbets shed? Yes, they do, and due to their unique coat, daily grooming is necessary, otherwise, mats would form, and it would be almost impossible to cope with them later. First, untangle them with your hands, and then take a brush and tidy up the coat. Regular examinations of ears, eyes, and teeth are also important because poor hygiene can lead to serious health problems. Remember that this is an active breed and therefore needs daily walks. Scent games have become very popular lately, maybe your dog would like them too.

Do you want to become a friend of this dog? If you already have such a pet, then share in the comments an interesting story about your Barbet dog!


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