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What Is Bandog Breed: History, Temperament, and Other Characteristics

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Bandog Breed

Bandog breed is an active dog that has excellent guarding functions. However, this is not the only name. You can also come across American Bandog and Bandogge. Be aware that we are talking about the same breed. Before proceeding to the description of the main characteristics of the dog, read the rolling facts.

  • Origin: United States;
  • Height: 20-30 inches;
  • Weight: 85 pounds (female) and 100-140 pounds (male);
  • Coat: black, orange-brown, red, and blue
  • Temperament: intelligent and loyal, attentive, brave, and independent;
  • Breed for: protection;
  • Life span: 8-10 years.

What Is Bandog Breed: History of Origin

The term Bandog itself existed even before the appearance of the breed itself. So-called dogs in the Middle Ages, which were chained during the day. And at night the owners let them wander around the property. In other words, at night they guarded the territory from outsiders. John Swinford is considered the first person to develop a new breed. In 1960, he set himself the task of creating the ideal pedigree guard dog. However, the most popular associations have not yet officially recognized the breed. The first representative was a mixture of a Pit Bull Terrier and an English Mastiff. John called it the Swinford Bandogge. Currently, there are several subspecies and many Americans prefer them over the more traditional watchdog breeds.

American Bandog Breed Info

American Bandog Breed Info

Stock raisers are still breeding more new species of Ban dog, but puppies must have a number of qualities – good health and an excellent guardian instinct. Let’s look at other important characteristics.

Bandog: Temperament

The American Bandog Mastiff needs a leader because it is an intelligent, strong and active dog. However, in no case should you show cruelty to your pet. This can provoke its protective instinct against you. If you cope with the role of a just leader, you would find a loyal friend and protector for you and your family members. But the dog is wary of strangers. Therefore, if your acquaintances make any sudden movements, then it may perceive this as a threat and try to protect you. Do you know what is Bandog dog breed bite force? It is near 730 psi. Despite the fact that this is a family dog, it is better to pay attention to another breed if you have small children. The fact is that this is a large breed and during the game it can accidentally harm the baby. But with older children, it would definitely get along. Contact can be made with other pets if they grew up together. Early socialization is very important for dogs of this breed. Therefore, this process should not be delayed. Also, do not postpone the start of training. The dog is quick to learn and responds well to reinforcement training – praise, goodies, new toys. Since this is a large breed of dog, it is best to consult a specialist who can develop a training course. If you work a lot and are rarely at home, then such a dog is definitely not for you. Your lack of attention can lead to aggressive and destructive behavior of your pet in the future.

What Does American Bandog Mastiff Dog Look Like?

What Does American Bandog Mastiff Dog Look Like

Mastiff Bandog is a large dog with a massive skeleton, prominent muscles, frightening and ruthless in a rage. And also extremely agile. If you have not previously encountered such a breed, then it may be difficult for you to distinguish it from others. The fact is that it can take the genes of one of its ancestors and never predict which of them. The most common colors are brindle, fawn, blue, and combination of colors. In rare cases, white color. This is the biggest Bandog breed that has a strong musculature, droopy lips, and pointy ears. An average height is 20-30 inches, and weight – 85-140 pounds.

What Is a Bandog Breed Health?

If you adhere to all the recommendations of the veterinarian and provide the dog with proper care, then this is a healthy dog that can live for 8-10 years. However, due to its large size, health problems can arise. For example:

  • With elbow and hip dysplasia, the dog may waddle or be in pain. Special supplements can be given to prevent and support joints.
  • Bloating. Do not try to solve the problem yourself, contact your veterinarian immediately. It usually occurs due to overeating.

Bandogge Dog: Care

Bandogge Dog: Care

This breed has a short coat that is easy to care for. You don’t even need to use a brush. You can swipe with a damp hand or towel to remove loose hairs. The dog has a moderate molt. Most often, the most hair falls out in the fall and spring. Meals should be at least twice a day. This would help prevent bloating. But how much to feed the dog? Our food calculator would help you find out. Feed your dog quality food that is high in protein. Brushing dog’s teeth, ears and eyes is sufficient once a week.

Bandog Mastiff: Facts

  • The dog does not warn of danger, but tries to intervene and protect you.
  • The dog usually does not bark, even when attacking.
  • Has not the best reputation due to the past. Previously, Bandog dog was used as a fighting breed. And in some countries it is even banned (Romania, Switzerland).
  • The dog often drools. This usually happens when the pet wants to eat or is tired while walking/playing.
  • It is a cool combination of a loyal family friend and a reliable protector.

If you have already had experience with large breeds of dogs, then you can safely take custody of this wonderful breed. However, if you are not sure that you can devote enough time to your dog for playing and training, then we suggest you choose another dog from the Breeds section!


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