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what does a poodle look like

The Poodles is one of the smartest and most capable breeds of dogs. They are easily trained, intelligent, and attentive, obedient, has a lively temperament, mobility and agility. Representatives of this breed are excellent human companions in different conditions and therefore widespread and very popular.

The haircut gives them a distinctive look. In some countries, the poodle is the most common breed of dog. Is it suitable for you? In this article, we will tell you about poodle standard features, the poodle life span, how big do poodles get, and of course some interesting facts for those who will read it to the end!

Colors of the Poodles

poodle height

At the moment, the official colors of the poodle dogs are black, white, brown, and recently approved apricot and silver-gray. Nevertheless, poodle breeders from England have created poodles of many colors: pale, anthracite, etc., but these colors are not yet approved as standard colors.

The poodle belongs to the group of indoor dogs. It is harmoniously shaped, medium size, with a characteristic curly hair in the form of curls or cords. It is a smart dog, always attentive and alert. The life expectancy of poodles is 12-15 years. They have high, resilient, and light movements. The poodle temperament is also famous for its loyalty and ability to perceive and train quickly.

Poodle Characteristics

poodle personality

The large standard poodle size in the crest is from 45 to 58 cm, small poodles from 35 to 45 cm, miniature poodles from 28 to 35 cm.

The length of the body is slightly more than the height in the crest. The front part of the chest is developed normally, the chest bone slightly protrudes and is located relatively high, which makes it easier to hold the head more straight, relaxed.

Stndard poodle weigh 45 to 70 pounds (20-30 kg). The forearms are straight and parallel, elegant, muscular, with strong bone. The legs are rather small, closed, in the form of a shortened oval. The claws are black in black poodles, black or brown in brown. The claws of white dogs can be colored or light and must match the general pigmentation.

Hips are muscular, well developed. The hind legs are parallel, with embossed, well-developed muscles. The legs are the same as on the front limbs.

All poodles should have whiskers. Wool on the front limbs, the so-called pants, may be left. A dog can be shown at an exhibition with a haircut in any standard style – this does not affect its grade. All dogs of the same sex or age group are evaluated together, regardless of the haircut style. Shows of different fantasies that distort the standard haircut will disqualify the dog at the show. With the same quality of dogs, preference is always given to those who have a classic haircut.

Hair Cover

Curly poodles have a rich coat, very thick, soft, wavy, even-length, flexible, and springy under the pressure of the hands. It should always be carefully combed and form the same curls.

Corded poodles have very thick, delicate, wavy, and wavy hair. It should form characteristic cords of the same length, not less than 20 cm, the longer the better. The cords on each side of the head and the sides of the body can be picked up with the braid so that the coat does not crack and tangle.

Curious Poodle Information

poodle history

First appeared in Germany, not France

It is believed that the poodle was bred in France. But there is a version that it first appeared in Germany because the word “pudel” has German origin and is translated as “splash in the water. This name is related to the main purpose of dogs: they had to pull their prey out of the water while hunting. In France, the breed is called Caniche, which translates as “duck dog”.

Poodle haircut has functional value

Classically trimmed poodle looks fashionable and original. But in fact, this haircut was originally a necessity. Too long wool will get wet and become heavy when the poodle pulls its prey out of the water, and too short wool will make it vulnerable to cold. So a compromise was found: the dog was cut so that vital organs and joints were protected with a thicker coat, while in all other places it was shortened.

Their coat does not stop growing

Poodle wool is similar to human hair by its properties. It grows throughout the life of an animal, so in the absence of proper care and haircuts, it gets tangled and looks careless.

Favorite of many celebrities

The list of people who chose poodles as their pets is quite extensive. Royalty, such as Prince Rupert of Rhineland was devoted to his pet poodle. Many famous writers were fans of the breed: John Steinbeck, Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo and James Thurber.

The breed was especially famous in Hollywood. The list of fans includes Betty White, Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Barbra Streisand, Cary Grant, Robin Williams, Orlando Bloom, Walt Disney, Elvis Presley and many others.

We think there is one more poodle fan in the world after reading this article.


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