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Ancient Dogs Breeds

ancient dog species

Dogs can be an amulet protecting against the evil spirits of the jungle, a valuable gift for Pharaoh, or a rescue for the city in snowy Alaska. ancient dog breeds remember thousands of years of history because many of them accompanied us even before we began to record our lives.

Can we guess what was the first breed of dog? We presented six candidates for this title. Each candidate has a rich heritage and an almost mystical past.

Akita Inu, the Loyalty Symbol

ancient dog breeds

The legendary Akita-Inu breed has primitive dog breeds roots. More than four thousand years ago, there was the first mention of this species, and excavations have allowed finding the remains of dogs that resemble these animals.

The breed is unique. Back in the 6th century, the Japanese gathered in the clubs of admirers of these animals, created instructions for breeding, invented the technology of education. It was these dogs who received their first passports – books, which store data about the pet, ten centuries later.

Akitas were often used during the Second World War, and the success of old dog breeds was greater than that of German sheepdogs. But the national love Akita received after the release of the film “Hachiko”, which shows the real story of a devoted dog to the owner, which became a symbol of love and selfless loyalty. Byt the way, did you know that Vladimir Putin has Akita-Inu?

Alaskan Malamute, a Rescuer with a Brave Heart

oldest dogs breeds

Wolf habits of this oldest dog breed, it is difficult not to notice. Beasts howling to the moon is a symbol of Alaska. The dog almost does not bark, but only grumbles, can break large pits in a short time, and looks like his gray ancestor.

Originally, Malamutes were used as sled dogs. During the gold rush, the original dog breed was on the verge of extinction due to careless and merciless exploitation by miners. However, when a terrible epidemic occurred in a remote town, it was Malamut who brought the serum with the medicine, becoming real salvation for the dying inhabitants. After that, people paid attention to the problems of the breed, and love for these hard-working animals flared up again.

Afghan Hound: A Sacred Beast

oldest know dog breed

According to legends, Afghan Hound pleases the owners today only because Noah once took her to the ark – saved from the world flood. These oldest known dog breed first appeared in Afghanistan and are considered sacred, a national treasure, and a symbol of pride by eastern nations.

Animals gained popularity in Europe and America only in the 20th century, when clubs of their fans, mainly hunters, began to gather, and the qualities of the ancient dog breed representative species were finally noticed. Even today, four-legged friends are excellent hunters. Although these qualities over time are inferior to the aristocracy and nobility, more and more attention is paid to their luxurious hair with long thick hair.

Basenji: The Best Gift to Pharaoh

earliest dog breeds

The distinctive feature of these African earliest dog breeds is the complete inability to bark – the animal just can’t do it. Once upon a time, Basenjis, considered a living amulet, was given to the pharaohs. Wonderful dogs were buried together with their owner. This is evidenced by numerous wall paintings and mummy remains in ancient tombs.

But the primitive dogs managed to get away from the dark continent with great difficulties. Attempts of seafarers to bring the southern beast to Europe usually ended in the death of their pets. Only in the middle of the 20th century, a couple of dogs were brought successfully.

Today, the oldest dog breed in the world is rarely found in families, despite their excellent company and hunting qualities, lack of unpleasant sounds, amazing intelligence, and bright appearance, the animal is still underestimated and considered exotic.

Lhasa Apso: Tibetan Guardian

oldest dog species

Another underrated oldest dog species are Lhasa Apso appeared in Tibet among monks, who believed that a pet plays the role of a talisman, warning about dangers. A beautiful animal with long hair in those distant times performed the task of an ordinary shepherd looking after goats.

Perhaps the world would never have seen bearded dogs if Europeans hadn’t brought the pet to fashionable London houses in the first half of the 20th century. Everybody was crazy about luxurious wool. However, no matter how good a dog is, no matter how beautiful its appearance, these ancient dog breeds are not in great demand to this day.

Pekingese: A Small Ancient Dog

primitive dog breeds

The number of little Pekinese is increasing, and the army of admirers is growing every minute. Indeed, a charming friend of a man can not leave anyone indifferent. Two thousand years ago, in the Chinese city of Beijing, the oldest known dog breed was kept in the palace of the Emperor. They could not be purchased for any money, and those who tried to steal them were punished by death.

The animal played the role of a guard because it was believed that the Pekingese was the child of a lion, who took a proud monkey as his wife. The puppy kept the grandeur of his parent and his mother’s strong temper, so nothing was surprising in the animal’s behavior.

When the palace was seized by Europeans, they took away primitive dogs and sent them abroad. So the world learned about a small and incredibly beautiful pet with long wool, big eyes, and unusual for its size temperament.

As you can see, it is quite difficult to name the first dog breed. It depends more on your world view and preferences. All these breeds have amazing origins, and we recommend choosing the most undervalued of them to fix this injustice.

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