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American Pitbull Terrier

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Most people consider American Pit Terriers extremely aggressive and angry dogs. They are called bloodthirsty killer dogs. All because of the American pitbull terrier history and the fact that this breed was originally bred to participate in dog fights.

But in fact, the behavior of any dog depends on the upbringing and training that the owners should do. So it is not worth judging the whole breed in individual cases of attacks on people. Should you consider American pitbull terrier breeds as a pet? Let’s find out together.

American Pitbull Terrier Care

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Dogs of this breed are quite unpretentious, and care for them does not require much effort and expense. Since American pitbull terrier dogs are short-haired, they do not need to be combed and washed for a long time. It is enough to brush your dog once a week and wash as needed.

The American pit bull terrier’s average weight of 20-30 kg means it needs to be physically active enough, so you should run and play with them regularly. But this does not mean that you can keep such a dog only if you have your own house. If there is a sufficient level of activity, they also feel perfectly well in the apartment.

Dogs of this breed are unpretentious in their diet, although they require a rather high-calorie and diverse diet. You should not feed them meat only. Pit bulls are not very susceptible to diseases, and this is certainly a huge plus.

Pit Bull Terrier Personality

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Pit bulls are wonderful companions, faithful partners, and devoted friends. They can be an excellent security guard for home and family, but you should not keep it in chains. The breed is just not intended for this purpose. Dogs of this breed have huge vital energy and are very active. They want to be useful to the owner because they are hard-working from nature. Pitbulls like to perform commands and tasks, these dogs are very obedient.

Despite the many myths about American pit bull terrier temperament, they are very friendly and kind animals. The owners need to train the dog and socialize it, then it will behave well both with people and other animals. Pit bulls are very faithful dogs and will always protect their master.

They get along very well with children and like to play. There is an opinion that they are very jealous and can hurt the child because of this, but again, it is important to let the dog understand that the child is not her rival, but another friend and family member.

If raised properly, the compatibility of pit bulls with other animals can be quite high. It is best to choose another pit bull or a dog with similar characteristics. It is also important to note that it is optimal to take two puppies at once or introduce a pit bull puppy to other adult dogs so that he could get used to them.

It is worth spending enough time to learn American pit bull terrier information. After all, it depends on the owner what will be his dog. You should not be aggressive in dealing with these animals in any way. You need to emphasize the friendliness and playfulness of the dogs. The owner of a pit bull should be strong, both physically and morally. The dog must see the authority in the master.

To Sum Up

We can briefly list the advantages of this breed of dog:

  • Not whimsical both in food and in care;
  • Friendly and kind attitude towards children;
  • Activity and playfulness;
  • Mind and obedience, giving a large number of training opportunities;
  • You can keep both in a private house and an apartment;
  • Not susceptible to disease.

Myths About American Pit Terriers

pit bull terrier personality

An incredible number of myths and misconceptions that make this breed a fierce monster exist around pit bulls. These dogs are called “time bomb,” but is it so? Let’s look at the main misconceptions about this breed.

Pit bulls are aggressive towards people

It is believed that pit bulls are often biting their owners suddenly and harshly. In fact, this is not true. Pit bulls were originally bred for the lack of aggression towards people, especially towards their owners.

Pitbull’s jaws close like a lock

Several experiments that disproved these speculations have been conducted, however, no unique properties that allow Pit Bull jaws to lock have been discovered.

The brain of these dogs is constantly growing

The essence of this myth is that the brain of these dogs does not stop throughout his life. But this is not at all, the same as other dogs, their brains stop growing when they reach maturity.

Pit bulls are grown for fighting only

Originally, this breed was bred for physical purposes, such as hunting or defense. However, in our time, most people get pit bulls only as pets.

Pit bulls are stupid dogs

They love to please their owners, so the learning process becomes easy, and their cleverness allows them to learn even complex tricks in a short time.

They have no equal in bite strength

Studies on bite strength among different animals, including dogs, were conducted in the U.S. Three breeds took part in the experiment: pit bull, German shepherd dog, and Rottweiler. It was determined that the bite of the American pit terrier has the least pressure among the three breeds.

The pit bulls do not feel pain

They feel pain almost at the same level as we do. Initially, these dogs were bred for a high level of purposefulness. It means they continue to perform the task to please their owners and do not react to the physical inconveniences.

In general, a pit bull is a wonderful breed of dog. These dogs can become great friends and family members. There are many myths about them but do not pay attention to them, because in fact, these dogs are very nice and friendly by nature. Good training and the right attitude of experienced owners will help to develop these wonderful qualities.

It is worth considering carefully whether to get a dog of this breed or not, but if the decision is made, there will be no time to regret it. The dog will occupy all of it.


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