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St Bernard

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St Bernard dog is a great family member, a lifeguard, a loyal and faithful friend with a slightly sad look. It has become a universal favorite pet and a real member of many families.

Saint bernard dog is the most reliable rescuer and good-natured companion. In our today’s article, we want to tell you more about such a wonderful St Bernard dog breed.

Saint Bernards Info

saint bernard breed information

An excellent family dog of giant size is very friendly, peaceful, and good-natured. With the right upbringing and training, this dog will become a devoted, loyal, and a true friend, but also a very obedient pet, who will always take care of you, guard you and never hurt you.

These dogs are very disciplined and love children madly. Despite their size (St Bernard’s average weight is about 90 kg), they are quite tender, calm, and gentle towards them. St. Bernard will never attack a child, will not bite or even growl, because they love and protect children. And any display of aggression is not typical for these pets.

Therefore, it is not at all surprising that representatives of these breeds of dogs are often taken for filming in family movies, where they do not have to play someone else’s role, but just behave as in normal life.

Also, such dogs are often used as babysitters, because if there is a St. Bernard near your child, the kid will never be threatened and will be safe and sound twenty-four hours a day.

A fluffy friend will watch the children closely, play with them, and allow them different pranks. If the games will be in the water, then the dog will also closely and attentively watch every movement and control everything that happens. If something goes wrong, he will immediately rush to help.

St Bernard Temperament

st bernard puppies

If you observe St. Bernard’s behavior for a long time, you can notice one thing – he behaves stably calmly. His seemingly sad eyes and phlegmatic behavior are in fact what he likes.

Of course, he also likes to play, run, and have fun, but it is not for a long time. It is more usual for such a dog to watch everything that happens around him, to control that there would be order and comfort everywhere. In case something happens or goes wrong, he will be the first to come to the rescue and try his best to correct the unpleasant situation. He is not one of those who will lie silently aside.

Also, these animals fall into a kind of deep thoughtfulness, and it seems that their thoughts are far from everything that happens around them. But in fact, this is not the case, these pets are always watching.

The Smartest Pupil

saint bernards info

Dog breed like Saint Bernard is smart and memorizes all commands or tasks easily. There is one thing but – because of much phlegmatic temperament, St. Bernard can perform any action slowly like a turtle, but this is only the first time. All it needs to do is to give it some time, and then it will enter the mode and do everything much faster.

It is worth training him from early puppy age, about 2-3 months. The “Fetch” command is very difficult for St. Bernard to master, so it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to it during training so that the dog would remember and do everything said by the owner as quickly as possible and bring any objects in his teeth.

In the process of training, you should praise the dog and give him different treats, then he will do everything with great desire.

In general, if you will pay proper attention, time, and patience to learn Saint Bernard breed information, then your dog will only please you with his obedient behavior and results. St. Bernard will be a devoted, loyal, and true friend, a guard, and most importantly, an indispensable member of the family and everyone’s favorite dog.


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