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Smooth Fox Terrier

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Smooth hair fox terrier differs from Wire Fox Terrier only in wool. The dog’s coat is thick, stiff, straight, tight-fitting to the body. If a dog lives in a cold climate, he will have an undercoat. The hair on his head and limbs is short, and on his neck and torso is longer (2-3 cm). This hair makes the dog seem lighter than Wire Fox Terrier. The ancestors of the smooth terrier breeds were smooth black-wooled terrier, beagle, bulldog, and grayhound.

Previously, smooth-coat dogs were valued more than Wire Fox Terrier, as they did not get their hair dirty, driving the beast into burrows while hunting. In the 20s of the XX century, the situation changed, and Wire Fox Terrier became more popular.

All other features of the Smooth fox terrier size are very close. The height in the crest of the male dogs is 32-40; the bitches are 34-39 cm.

Genetic Diseases of Smooth Coated Fox Terrier

smooth fox terriers

Smooth wool fox terrier is a hardy breed, without any severe health problems. Some signs of disease do not appear until the animal reaches full maturity. But it is vital to know the risks from which dogs of this breed suffer most often.

The List of Major Diseases

  • Deafness is common in smooth fox terriers with predominantly white color. If this problem is detected, maintaining and training a deaf dog will require a lot of attention, patience, and time. To make life easier, there are many aids, vibrating collars, and other devices on the market.
  • Old smooth coat terrier breeds are often prone to cataracts. Blurred vision of the crystalline lens causes difficulties with vision, making the dog uncomfortable. Sometimes it is necessary to seek the help of specialists to remove the cataract surgically. After the surgery, the eyesight usually recovers.
  • Deformation of the hip joint. It can be confused with hip joint dysplasia. The disease can be cured by surgery, but even reconstructive therapy can be very useful. Hip dysplasia is a hereditary condition. At the same time, the hip bone is not tightly attached to the hip joint. Dogs experience pain and limp on one or both hind legs. However, the pet may not show any signs of discomfort in hip dysplasia.
  • As the dog ages, dysplasia may stimulate arthritis. Veterinary care includes supplements and drugs to help reduce arthritis pain, in some cases, surgery is necessary.

If you have dogs that have hip dysplasia, it is best to give up mating so that the disease is not inherited.

Breed Features

smooth hair fox terrier

Smooth haired fox terriers like to eat deliciously, which can cause overweight. Be sure to monitor the smooth fox terrier weight and provide regular exercise to keep them in shape. You should not leave the fox terrier alone with other pets because they tend to show dominance.

Features of This Breed

  • There may be difficulties with education, so it is recommended to make training efforts and attend a dog breeding school with a puppy.
  • Be prepared for the fact that fox terriers bark piercingly and a lot. You should not leave the fox terrier alone at home. Dogs are very energetic, they need about 30 to 45 minutes of intensive training daily. If they do not get the opportunity to burn their natural energy, they will spend it in the wrong place, turning the housing into rubble.
  • They are loyal to their family members and love to play. But sometimes smooth fox terrier temperament is too energetic in games with young children, so you better control their communication.
  • These dogs jump much higher than you can imagine. Also, they are ready to constantly dig pits under the fences. All this to try to escape from the yard and walk enough. After an active day, dogs need a good rest.

This dog will be suitable for a young active owner who will find a place to spend the common energy and will be able to spend enough time raising a pet.


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