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Miniature Pinscher

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miniature pinscher

Zwergpinscher is the second name of miniature pinscher — a very popular breed of companion dogs. It is a small dog with a cheerful and friendly character. Energetic and very active, it likes challenges and learns quickly. It can also be angry and stubborn, which, however, does not change the fact that she can be a charming and devoted friend.

Find out what the characteristics of the mini pinscher are, and see if this breed is right for you.

Miniature Pinscher History

The direct ancestor of the Mincher pinscher dogs is the German pincher, which has existed for a long time. The breeders took advantage of this and using a strict selection, which consists of selecting the smallest animals for breeding, they managed to breed a dog that does not exceed 30 cm in the hill.

In German territories and Scandinavia, the miniature Doberman pinschers appeared long before it was recognized as a separate breed. For many years, they were used by farmers to catch rats.

Adult Miniature Pinscher Temperament

Zwergpinscher is a lively, self-confident, and brave dog. He is very loyal and can stand up for his owner without hesitation. However, he should not be the center of attention, the dog perfectly adapts to the daily rhythm of the household. But his resounding barking, in the long run, can be burdensome – especially for neighbors.

You should not underestimate the mini pinscher size. In cohabitation with other pets, it can become dominant. Rather, it will not be dangerous for others, but it is quite troublesome – the Pinscher may be the owner and jealous of its owner.

The Health of Mini Pinscher Adult

mini pinscher

Zwergpinscher is one of the smallest breeds of dogs in the category of the miniature. This slender and proportionally folded dog with an elegant silhouette looks like a reduced version of its cousin – the middle pinscher. His ears are straight, his eyes are dark and oval with tightly fitting eyelids.

The average life expectancy of a mini pinscher is 12-15 years on average. This breed of dog is not burdened with genetic diseases. Miniature Doberman pinschers visit a veterinarian, as a rule, during routine vaccinations. However, there may be eye problems, such as glaucoma or cataract. Miniature pinschers also have a high tendency to increase weight.

However, it should be remembered that although the dog is cheerful and persistent, too low temperatures are not good for his health. He has a very short coat, which reduces his resistance to winter cold. So during this period, he should not stay out for a long time.

Zwergpinscher is always in a good mood. In the morning he wakes up cheerful and is eager to play. He feels good with both an athlete and a homeboy owner, with a single person or with a large family. The small size does not prevent the Pinscher to act as a guardian. He uses all his heart, which is very appreciated by his fans.

Since Zwergpinscher is inquisitive, he pushes his curious nose everywhere so as not to miss important events by chance. He likes to live in harmony with children and other animals, especially when he gets used to them from an early age. Despite its small size, it can not be considered a luxurious dog, which will idle lying on a soft pillow. It is a strong and persistent dog, which has an excess of energy.

However, you should not indulge your pet in everything and let him do what he wants. It is necessary to teach him good manners early on. Once the rules of behavior are established, you must not deviate from them. He is a smart dog, and he can be trained without much effort.

Miniature Doberman pinschers are good as a first pet, especially for quiet people who can spend a lot of time with them. Taking care of them is not too difficult. It only requires hardness and consistency combined with the appropriate dose of softness.


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