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Alaskan Husky

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The Alaskan husky dog is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. These wonderful pets have received the attachment of their owners with activity and beauty. Their blue eyes and thick coat with elegant color can melt even the coldest heart.

They have gained popularity due to their spectacular appearance, but the inner qualities of husky are also very attractive. Good-natured and active temperament, the unpretentiousness of care, and high intelligence – all this cannot but attract people’s attention. However, these dogs have not only positive but also negative sides. We will find out the advantages and disadvantages of this breed and leave some interesting facts for those who will finish the article.

Advantages of Husky

alaskan husky dog
  • Good health. The breed was born in harsh climatic conditions, which affected the immunity of dogs, so Alaskan husky health problems are mythical. These dogs have good health and amaze with their ability to work and fortitude.
  • Friendliness. Huskies are friendly. They can easily find a common language with the people around them. They show aggression and irritability only in exceptional cases. Therefore, you have to try very hard to make the dog angry.
  • It has a spectacular appearance. It is why husky is very popular. Especially those dogs that have eyes of different colors – brown and blue.
  • Faithful friends. Huskies can get along with all members of the family. They are safe for children. Dogs will not betray their owner and can become their best friends.
  • Quiet. Dogs of the breed Husky practically do not make noise or bark. Therefore, you can even keep them in an apartment. Neighbors will not be disturbed by pets.
  • They are clean. Dogs can handle their appearance on their own – another advantage of a husky. Of course, it is necessary to wash them, but rarely. According to some experts, it can be done 2 times a year.
  • Not whimsical. You do not need to buy any special diets for them. Huskies can eat the same as other dogs.
  • They are very smart. Thanks to this, they can be easily trained.

Disadvantages of Husky

alaskan husky temperament
  • Stubbornness. Husky will listen only to the owner, who is strong enough. The nature of the Alaskan husky breed is not simple, and they will check and test their owner for strength. People with a soft personality better refuse to buy such a pet.
  • They are very active. Alaskan husky weight is about 40 kg, and it is not suitable for people who prefer to spend their free time on the sofa. These dogs need activity. They need to play games and, otherwise, the whole house may be demolished.
  • Bad guards. Huskies are very friendly. They have a positive attitude towards all people.
  • Huskies shed twice a year. It lasts for several weeks, so you have to vacuum regularly. There will come a time when the wool will be everywhere.
  • Dogs need to be trained. Alaskan husky temperament is wild, and in the absence of training, they can piss off even the calmest person. Training will help to calm puppy Alaskan husky down.
  • They can’t stand being alone. Husky needs attention. Therefore, it is not worth having a dog for people who work hard. Pets are very attached to their owner. And in his absence for a long time, they begin to behave not quite adequately. For example, husky can whine and howl. It is unlikely that the neighbors will like it.

Interesting Facts About Husky

alaskan husky weight
  • The Eskimos used dogs when they went hunting bears.
  • The coat has almost no smell.
  • Huskies amaze with their endurance. They can travel very long distances in sledding.
  • Huskies could disappear. But the dogs were saved by the Americans. In the USA, this breed was very popular.
  • In 1925, thanks to Husky, it was possible to stop the epidemic in Alaska. Dogs brought diphtheria medicines to Nome. In New York, the authorities erected a monument to the dogs in honor of this event.
  • Huskies practically do not bark. But they howl if you leave them alone.

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