People from every corner of our planet treat dogs like best friends. These faithful animals were tamed among the first and have come a long way with humans. They have been hunting, guarding, finding scents and simply relieving daily stress for thousands of years. Some functions of dogs are simply unique. They help the blind move around or warn of attacks of epilepsy. Dogs can drag sledges tirelessly in the harsh snows of Alaska and rescue tourists from hypothermia on the icy peaks of the Alps.

However, the dog is not just a Swiss knife. Useful functionality is just a side effect of great intelligence and emotional sophistication. Dogs can feel. They rejoice when they see you and are sad when you leave. A four-legged friend will be the first to help you if you are ill and the last to stay close to you if you lose friends. Their endless loyalty and energy is what people look for in each other, but increasingly find in pets.

Also, there are ailurophiles among our team of authors, even they admit the superiority of dogs as a support animal for humans. We sincerely love these clever creatures and gather the most relevant and useful information about them on our website. Our articles benefit both those who decide to accept a new member into their family and experienced breeders who are always interested in expanding their knowledge.

We would like to bring together an audience of open people who are interested in dogs and generally like animals. Leave the feedback and pet your doggie from us!

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