About us

If you are reading this text, you are a happy dog owner and don’t take your pet as some creature that just lives in your house rent-free. Or, we hope you do. Dogs have been staying as companions, helpers, and protectors for people in ages. There is no lie in saying that dogs are man’s best friends. Such kinds of pets need proper treatment and deserve a good attitude.

Why we are here?

We created Dogs Only Club for making your life as a dog owner easier and your pet’s life happier. Here are few reasons we believe in:

  • Every dog is a partner for humans and requires a special approach and that’s why we take up different topics in our articles.
  • There are many common things in our experience of having a dog, so it is very important to talk about subjects that worry us.
  • We are stronger together. By creating a dog lovers community, we learn new information, share our pets and become better owners.

Who are we writing for?

  • We provide our content for those who are going to get a dog or those who already have one and are not going to stop in looking for ways to improve their lives. We are happy to see more and more people on our blog!
  • Our social media has more than 1000 followers that also stay with us for useful and interesting information.

What we talk about?


Exciting facts, amusing pictures, and hints about spending fun time with dogs. Do you want some tips on choosing safe dog paint? Or read something to understand why dogs like to dig pits? Or just see hilarious images of the curly Japanese dog? Go to this chapter to be kept up-to-date.


Articles about dogs’ behavior, preferences, and habits. Do dogs need coats? Why are they aggressive sometimes? What are military breeds? Everything you should know to raise and train a dog in the right way.


Time-tested opinions on puppies and every little thing related to them. Pick toys for baby dogs with us, learn what games they like to play and how to take care of them. Basics of teaching and nurturing pups.


Having a pet is always about becoming a sort of veterinarian. Looking after dogs includes regular checking on their health. Do you have to be concerned about biting tails? Want to know how heterochromia affects dogs? Then read this part of our blog.


Some dog owners assumed that these pets would eat everything and feed them any food. Please, don’t do that to your loved ones. A balanced diet is the basis of a pet’s wellbeing. What kind of fruits can be dangerous and how to change their ration? Check this page to know.

You can also use our food calculator to count the amount of food for the dog. It helps you to prevent obesity or underweight.


Long-, wire-, smooth-, curly-, double-coated dogs and those who haven’t furred at all: all of them need suitable grooming. Nail trimming is essential as well. Rules and tips for these special procedures you can find in this section.

Dog Names

It’s never easy to pick a name for a pet. You want it to be outstanding, original, easy to spell, and, somehow, representing a dog’s individuality. Here we brought some ideas and facts to simplify the hard decision of choosing a name.


Like humans, all dogs are unique. But nature made sure that some of them would have special features which define a dog’s appearance, behavior, and tendencies. Find out how to provide your pet’s life full of joy according to their necessity.

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