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Labrador Retriever

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The Labrador Retriever is often referred to as “the most loyal,” “the most obedient,” and “the most industrious” dog. All of this is true, but we would add that the Labrador is a versatile four-legged friend. He will go hunting with you, play with your children, look after your elderly parents, or just silently support you in times of need.

Very few dogs have as smart and gentle gaze as Labradors and they follow their owners’ commands with unsurpassed accuracy. However, even labrador retriever breeders can be pleasantly surprised by this beautiful dog.

Labrador Retriever Characteristics

labrador retriever breeders

Labrador retriever standard refers to dogs of large size, their appearance inspiring power and strength. Labradors are easily recognized, but people far from the canine community sometimes confuse them with golden retrievers. The latter looks more aristocratic (long hair and less massive chest).

How Big Do Labrador Retrievers Get?

Labrador retriever size is quite large because it is a working dog:

  • Males labrador retriever weight 27-36 kg, height 56-61 cm;
  • Bitches labrador retriever weight 25-31 kg, height 53-58 cm.

Labrador Retriever Temperament

Labrador is an excellent family dog. It gets along well with other pets. For children, Labrador is an irreplaceable nurse: he can rock the stroller with the baby or play ball with an older child. Surprisingly, these dogs feel the responsibility entrusted to them. Playing with a strong and very energetic pet rarely ends in bruises and injuries. Labrador will protect children from cutting objects and run ahead on a walk in the woods so the owner won’t accidentally step on a snake.

However, don’t count on the Labrador’s guarding abilities. The best he can do is to frighten a thief with his rather imposing looks and menacing bark. Only a wagging tail can give away a friendly dog in this situation, Labrador barks at strangers only to greet them and invite them to play. The dog is kind to guests, but it will always protect its family and simply will not allow a threatening person to approach them.

Intelligent Labradors perfectly understand their owners’ commands and subtly sense their emotional state. Often there are situations when dogs intervene in family quarrels. Looking at his kindest face, quarreling spouses often calm down, feeling some guilt in front of the wise dog. It is worth noting that Labradors do not choose their favorites, kind dogs treat all households equally.

Peculiarities of Maintenance and Upbringing

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The Labrador needs an outlet for its irrepressible energy. A country house will be the ideal place for such a dog to live in. In the apartment, Labrador feels great if there is enough space. This dog will get along with an elderly couple and will find a place not to get in the way even in a single room.

Puppies’ instinct to pick up things and dig holes will result in chewed up sneakers and broken vases, so it’s best to get rid of any valuables beforehand. You’d better buy your pet toys to satisfy his desire to chew.

For the Labrador to grow up well-mannered, you need to determine the acceptable norms for him from an early age. This dog is so intelligent that there is no need for pushy orders. Labradors can be taught to perform even circus tricks. However, the role of the dog trained to accompany the hearing impaired and the blind is more important.

Taking care of a Labrador is simple. You need to comb out the hair twice a week and clip the claws once a month. Labradors are very fond of bathing everywhere. They will go through all the puddles in the yard unless the owner forbids him such pleasure.

Labradors can be bathed even two times a week but without shampoo. Frequent use of grooming products will harm the dogs’ coats. You should not forget about the care of the ears and eyes, as well as brushing the teeth.

Interesting Labrador Retriever Information

labrador retriever temperament
  • A Labrador can bring a rat or bird he gets from a garbage dump to your feet. Hide your trash can from him.
  • Labradors snore in their sleep, but not as much as pugs or humans themselves.
  • Labradors have webbing between their toes, so they are great swimmers.
  • These dogs are so gentle that they can play with balloons without biting them.
  • Labradors are great “therapists” for people with autism.
  • Black Labrador Jake is a national hero for all Americans because he rescued survivors under the ruins of the Twin Towers in New York and after Hurricane Katrina.
  • Labradors are capable of enduring even the most intense pain. However, you should not bully or beat these dogs. Violence in any dog will cause aggression in return.

You do not need to look for an approach to the cute Labrador. The dog of the kindest soul and the greatest intelligence will easily adapt to your character and rhythm of life. Curious companion in all travels will warn of the danger, and perhaps get a hare for dinner. A calm Labrador will bring his elderly owner slippers or the remote from the TV. All he needs is your love and care.

Also, did you know that Vladimir Putin has Labrador?


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