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German Shepherd

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German shepherd dog is one of the most famous breeds. We meet them on the street, in the movies, as sniffer dogs or guardians of the order along with police officers.

It is a universal breed that will fit any role: companion, watchman, hunter, and just a family friend. Everyone knows about the loyalty of German Shepherds, so this breed is almost the most famous. Because of this, people often get such a Shepherd dog, not realizing what responsibility they take and how difficult it will be.

We have prepared the most relevant german shepherd information so you can decide if this dog is right for you.

A Bit of History

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The ancestors of the breed were an Indian wolf and a wild dog. In ancient times, Shepherds were called “bronze”. The modern name of the species got because of its main function – grazing small cattle.

In the XVI century, artists depicted these dogs in their paintings. Chroniclers mentioned brave and fast animals in manuscripts.

German shepherd breeders appeared in Württemberg. The main attention was paid to the selection of individuals by their protective qualities. For a long time, breeders could not bring the appearance of dogs to the desired level.

For the first time, this breed was presented at an international exhibition in Hanover in 1882. At that time, the FCI published the German Shepherd standard in the description of the breed and its nature.

In 1890 clubs of fans of this breed appeared. After that, the Germans became world-famous.

Upbringing and Training

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Precise execution of any command, discipline, power, and obedience are the main german shepherd characteristics. Thanks to mental stability and pliability, it is easy to train the dogs; even a teenager at home can cope with it.

It is important to establish contact with the animal, as soon as it appeared in the apartment. It will help in the early upbringing. Shepherds are very smart. The main thing for them is to clearly understand the owner’s requirements. Regular repetitions of simple commands will help them to do this.

Germans should not be punished if their guilt is not significant enough. It is not recommended to get angry and humiliate the animal. They have a good memory. Such actions can provoke distrust in the owner and psychological block.

Breeders have been selecting exceptional ideal animals for decades. The potential and possibilities of German Shepherds are infinite.

Despite obedience and visible calmness, German shepherd dogs can be aggressive. If you do not invest enough strength and energy in education, the dog will turn into an uncontrolled beast.

A pet of a German shepherd dog must trust its owner. To achieve this, use the whole range of positive reinforcements: strokes, praises, and dog treats. In this way, the furry child will love you and make contact.

Buying puppies of a German shepherd dog to become a home guard or a bodyguard for children in the future, you should use the services of professional dog handlers. It is not free, but the result is worth it.

How Big Do German Shepherds Get?

The appearance of these dogs has caused their worldwide popularity:

  • Dogs of this breed have a strong, impressively muscular body and a slightly stretched face;
  • The tail of Shepherds is most often fluffy, swollen to the bottom;
  • Always standing ears and black and red wool in different proportions;
  • German shepherd weight varies from 25 to 55 kilograms;
  • German shepherd size is 50-65 centimeters depending on the sex;
  • Recently, a bred variety with long wool has also been recognized as a breed standard.

About Temperament

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German Shepherd temperament is a combination of kindness and devotion, strength, and hardness, so it needs an appropriate owner.

First of all, it is devotion

This dog will consider its owner the best and, quite importantly, the only friend for the German Shepherd life span. It is typical for a shepherd dog to choose a single owner for life while maintaining a friendly relationship with his friends and family.

Second, it is a very active dog

Having bought a German shepherd dog, you should be ready that she will be bored with idleness and look for communication and activity. Therefore, the dog will always be happy to walk, play with the ball, and train with the right approach.

And, thirdly, it is still a guard dog

The shepherd dog will be wary of strangers and other dogs all his life, but it is very fond of children. If a child and a Shepherd grow up together, you can be sure that they will be best friends.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The main advantages of the breed are:

  • Acute mind;
  • Readiness to learn and susceptibility to training;
  • Faithfulness;
  • Easy-to-care.

There are also disadvantages:

  • Increased activity;
  • Wool can be dangerous for allergic people;
  • If you do not start training and education immediately, you may get an inadequate, aggressive, and uncontrollable dog.

Dear readers, it is easy to find an approach to the German shepherd dog, especially if you do it from the very beginning. Subsequently, it will be possible to correct the mistakes of childhood, but much harder than with other breeds. In general, it is impossible to imagine a better friend than this one.


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