Jun. 14.2020 | Updated: September 16, 2021

A Dog-Therapist Visited Elderly in a Medical Center

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In Texas, a dog therapist visited an elderly man during the quarantine. They were «communicating» through the window.

Communicating with the dog lifted the spirits of the elderly residents of the center, who are not allowed to go out.

A dog therapist named Tonka from the medical center «Cedar Pointe Health and Wellness Suites» in Texas cheered up all residents of the nursing home who were under strict quarantine.

There is no scientific evidence that dogs can be infected with coronavirus and can become its carriers, but the center decided not to expose elderly people to any risk and came up with a new format of communication. Tonka and her mistress Courtney Lee talked to the residents through the window. They prepared for the visit and made a nameplate that said they missed all the residents of the center.

Residents greeted Tonka, smiled, and tried to touch the dog’s paw through the windows.

«They smiled. Some reached out to touch the window. This visit is probably the most significant of all visits during therapy. It seems much more special because of the things that are happening right now», said Courtney Lee.

«I put my hand on the window and Tonka came up to the window to kiss me. It was so sweet», said Dorothy Humphrey, who has been living in the center for a year and a half. She said the residents try to be strong «during these dark times» and moments like this help them.

«Cedar Pointe Health and Wellness Suites» is a medical center that provides rehabilitation services to elderly people. Tonka and Courtney Lee do canistherapy, a type of treatment and rehabilitation using specially selected and trained dogs.

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