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9 Tips for Successfully Transporting Your Pet

transporting of your pet

Transporting dogs over long distances is quite a popular service these days. The rhythm of life involves travel, but what if your pet has no one to stay with while you’re away and a hotel for dogs doesn’t seem like a good option? Of course, you can take your dog with you, and it’s easy to prepare for your trip well in advance.

And There Are a Few Tips To Help You With That

Check out the carrier’s requirements for transporting your dog before buying tickets. You may need various documents and equipment depending on the mode of transport for your dog. For example, for air travel with pets, you will need transport containers that meet many requirements. Please note that each transport company can adjust the conditions for transporting your pet. Be sure to check this information before purchasing your ticket.

  • Check the vaccination and parasite treatment notes on your pet’s veterinary passport: they must be current. In addition to the veterinary passport, you will also need a veterinary certificate to transport your dog by air, ship, or train.
  • The rabies vaccine is valid for one year. As its incubation period is one month, it must be made at least one month before travel. It means you will not be able to travel if the vaccine has been given to your dog one week before the departure date.
  • Avoid feeding your dog on the day of departure. But his dinner the day before should be nutritious.
  • Be sure to walk with your dog before departure.
  • Plan to move in during the day. The daytime journey will be easier for your dog than at night.
  • Use a container, if you are transporting your dog in a car. For added convenience, use a safety net and a hammock to protect the seat material from dirt and scratches. It’s best if someone is riding with your dog in the back seat.
  • When transporting in a car, the dog must not obstruct the view from the driver’s seat under any circumstances.
  • Take something familiar to your pet on the journey: bed or his favorite toys, or example. Customary things and the smell will help your dog.

Have a good trip!

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