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7 Interesting Facts About Corgis

There are two types of the corgis: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. They are two completely distinct breeds because they come from different ancestors. Few people know that the Welsh Corgi Cardigan is mentioned in records dating back to 1200 BC. The similarity of dogs is the result of crossbreeding practiced in the 19th century. The Cardigan has rounded ears, and the Pembroke has pointed ears.

Corgis Are Midget Herders


The name of the breed comes from the Welsh language. “Cor” means midget, and “Gi” means dog, so every time we say the name of this breed, we say midget dog. Corgis are excellent watchmen, they are alert, attentive, and determined. The dog is sensitive to foreign sounds and smells even in his sleep. Back in the 10th century, corgis were working dogs. In those days, pastures were common land, so no one put up fences. The herds were grazed by the corgis so that the owner’s cattle would not escape or mix with other people’s animals.

Corgis Were Given to People by Fairies

Folklore suggests that corgis were mounts in a fairytale kingdom! Fairies used the dogs as horses, and that’s why there’s a “saddle” on their backs. Fairies gave corgis to people for their respect for nature, and when people’s mood changed, it was too late to take the gift back. Myths say corgis see magical creatures, so the expression of their eyes is so cheerful and wise at the same time.

Corgis Have a Special Coat

The corgis have double woolen vices. The undercoat makes the dogs waterproof and airtight. Despite the density of the wool, it hardly needs any care. Hair has a natural protective coating, so your dog will stay clean. Breed standards allow for different colors, although people are only used to ginger dogs. Pembroke corgi and cardigan are fundamentally different in color. Cardigans are indeed almost all redheaded, and Pembroke dogs can be a tricolor, brown, black, tiger, pale with white spots, and/or merle (rippled color).

Corgis Are Relatives of Husky

Unexpected, isn’t it? Long-legged Husky and midget Corgi are essentially brothers. The corgis are as tenacious and indefatigable as the Huskies, though they can’t pull a sled and don’t navigate well in the high snow. Huskies, like the corgis, were once used to graze deer. The corgi is a small, but multifunctional, service dog.

Corgis Are Vikings Favorites

The corgi cardigan is considered one of the oldest shepherd’s breeds. According to the most conservative estimates, the breed has been around for over 3000 years! The Vikings have honored their pets.

The corgis were greatly respected for their dedication and hard work.

The Corgis Are the Royal Family’s Favorites

Queen Elizabeth II had over 30 corgis in her lifetime. The last two pets (Whisper and Willow) have recently passed away. The queen currently has two mestizos of dachshund and corgi (Candy and Volcano). The Queen got her first corgi in 1933. The puppy appeared in the royal house at the will of King George VI. Named Dookie, the puppy immediately became the favorite of the future Queen Elizabeth and her sister Margaret.

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