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5 Best Dog GPS Trackers

best pet gps tracker

We will help you choose an electronic device for tracking your dog because, due to the abundance of such goods, the independent choice of the best pet tracker becomes a difficult task.

We carefully studied the technical characteristics of the popular models of best pet GPS tracker necklaces and customer feedback about them, which allowed us to form an impression of such devices.

Minifinder Atto — Good Value for Money

Dog tracker from the Swedish manufacturer is fully protected from dust and can also withstand a short period of full immersion in water (IP67 standard).

The device has a battery of good capacity — 900 mAh. It provides up to 24 hours of operation of the tracker in active mode (when the tracker regularly sends information about its location) on one charge. It can also work up to 15 days in Smart Sleep (the tracker saves power when the dog is not too active, but automatically goes into active mode if the situation changes).

The price category: $$

Pros: battery life, good security level.

Cons: no obvious disadvantages were found.

MonkeyG Deest 69 — the Most Affordable Price

This GPS dog collar is produced by different factories in China, so it can have several names. The price of the device is very attractive, but do not let it scare you: the tracker is doing a great job and has many good user feedback. The 500 mAh battery will provide up to three days of standby time for the tracker. It is protected from dust, but it is better not to drop it in the water, although it will survive splashes and even jets (IP66).

Price category: $

Pros: price, a convenient connection of the charger.

Cons: no obvious disadvantages have been revealed.

Futureway FP03 — the Best GPS Dog Tracker for Small Dogs

It is a compact tracker that will fit even small dogs. Despite its tiny size of 16 mm thick and 21 g weighing, the manufacturer declares up to 4 days of battery life (400 mAh) in standby mode. It is protected against moisture and dust (IP66), which is reinforced by an additional included silicone case.

Price category: $

Pros: price, compactness, and lightness.

Cons: no obvious disadvantages have been found.

ReachFar RF-V26 — the Most Enduring

best dog tracking device

It is one of the best dog tracking collar with a solar battery. It has a fairly large size (50x65x17 mm), suitable for large dogs only. The battery is 1500 mAh, which allows it to work for a week without recharging.

This tracker is equipped with a solar battery for automatic recharging. It may come in handy if you are planning a long hiking trip with your tailed friend or if you are just lazy to regularly remove the tracker from your dog’s collar to recharge it.

Price category: $$

Pros: almost unlimited operational time.

Cons: due to its large size, it may be inconvenient for most dogs.

Mishiko — the Best Turnkey Offer

best pet tracker

The device from the Slovak company has many differences from the rest of the considered devices, so let’s focus on it in detail. It is the best pet tracker for dogs for those who do not want to bother with the tracker setup, to choose a mobile operator and tariff. It has no usual buttons, connectors, etc. It is activated by simple shaking, and in case of the long absence of movement, it automatically goes into sleep mode.

To recharge the tracker you just need to put on the wireless charging platform (included). Another surprise: it contains the functions of a fitness tracker. It means that you will not only protect your pet from getting lost but also can control its activity (length and distance of the walk, number of steps, etc.).

However, you will need to pay a periodic subscription fee, which already includes communication services for the dog tracking system to work. The subscription fee is fixed, even if you and your dog travel in Europe or the United States (the device automatically tunes up in roaming). There are various options to connect the service, including without regular payments, but then the cost of the pet locator may be higher.

Tracker Mishiko has a good protection level of IP68 due to the absence of any connectors and buttons (in addition to protection from dust, it can withstand immersion in water for up to 30 minutes), and its battery (480 mAh), according to the developers, will provide work without recharging for a week.

Price category: $$$ (depends on the selected subscription).

Pros: easy setup and use, security, additional fitness tracking function.

Cons: the device is designed to work only in its system, it can not be used with another operator or third-party service of satellite navigation.

We hope our list has helped you to choose the best dog GPS system that will fit your pet. As you can see, many features should be considered when choosing. But whatever device you choose, be sure that it will make you feel at ease. Remember that this should not cause discomfort to your pet.

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