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10 Steps to a Successful Dog Education

dogs education

The key to successful education and training is a correctly built relationship between the owner and the pet. It may seem to be nothing hard about it, but dogs often show an unbreakable stubbornness and refuse to obey. The fact is that the dog is a pack animal, and it is typical to look for a leader in society. Some breeds are happy to obey man, but others with an independent and dominant character can test the host for a long time.

You must mark your positions in time and tell your dog that he should follow you. Otherwise, you run the risk of raising a wilful dog who will behave as he pleases and traditionally ignores family commands.

Rules To Help You With Dog’s Education and Training

  • Always go in the doorway first if you go out with your dog. Even very experienced owners let their pets ahead, thus making a big mistake. In the world of dogs, the leader of the pack is always the first to go, and everyone else follows him.
  • Feed the pet only after yourself. Sometimes it can be arduous: your dog looks at you with hungry eyes and asks for a treat. However, in nature, the leader is always the first to start eating, and if you want to maintain leadership, you will have to learn to ignore the complaining views and feed the pet only after your meal.
  • In any game with the dog, always be the winner. Of course, we are talking about contests. Your pet should think you’re stronger and smarter than he is, and so don’t give him any reason to doubt it.
  • Start and finish the game with the dog must always be the owner. Don’t give in to the provocations of an energetic pet, play with him in the strict time allocated for games to get him used to your routine.
  • Always be fair to the dog. It only seems that pets do not understand us and forgive us. Dogs can assess whether the reprimand was adequate. If he thinks you were wrong, your image of a fair leader in his head will be significantly damaged.
  • No brute force. Of course, any dog has to be punished from time to time, but believe me, in most incidents, intonation is enough as pets can catch it perfectly well. A dog can be trembled by the skin or symbolically slapped on the nose or butt for serious misconduct, but you can never beat him. This way you can only get your dog to respond with aggression and fear, but no respect. Therefore, no successful education, in this case, is out of the question.
  • The upbringing of your dog should be persistent and confident, but always friendly. Take training and education seriously, be consistent, reward, and punish your pet for accomplishments, but be respectful and amiable to your four-legged friend. Do not forget that the leader of a dog in the understanding of the dog is someone whom he respects and appreciates for strength, nobility, and justice.
  • Teach your dog to follow commands the first time. Focus its attention on training, do not allow distractions, and approach training responsibly.
  • Always give commands clearly and confidently.

And last but not least: love your dog and take care of him, because without proper attention and approval, even the most gifted and talented pet can not reveal its best qualities.

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