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10 requests from a puppy to a future owner

very cute puppy
  • I’ll live ten years only. Any separation from you will cause me suffering. Think about it before you buy me.
  • Try to give me time to think about what you require of me.
  • Grow trust in me, I will live it.
  • Don’t be angry with me long and don’t lock me up as a punishment! After all, you have a job, entertainment and friends — I have only you.
  • Talk to me sometimes. I don’t understand the word, but I recognize your voice and your mood.
  • Remember, I’ll never forget how I’m treated.
  • Think about the fact that I could easily crush all the bones in your palm with my teeth, (but I’ll never let myself do that) before hitting me.
  • Maybe the food isn’t good for me, or maybe I’ve been deprived of the sun for too long, and maybe my heart is already worn out before you notice that I’ve become reluctant to follow commands.
  • Take care of me when I’m old, because you’ll be old someday, too.
  • Try to be by my side in any difficulty. Never be guided by decisions like, “I can’t see it” or “Let it happen in my absence”. It’ll be easier for me to have you around.

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